“The Frog Ring” by Peter Donders

JEWELRY DESIGNER The designer Peter Donders that grow up in Maasmechelen, in East Belgium, started in design by learning how to make furniture. He had fifteen years of experience and craftsmanship as a furniture designer and maker before I ever even considered using computers in the design and manufacturing process including jewelry design. The work […]

“Foam Ring” by Daniella Saraya

JEWELRY DESIGNER Daniella Saraya was born in Tel Aviv, Israel (1988). She is an artist and a curator and completed her bachelor’s degree in jewelry design (2013) and her master’s degree in multidisciplinary design (2017) from Shenkar College (Israel). In 2019 she started studying in the class of prof. Karen Pontoppidan at the Munich Academy […]

“Opening Swallow Corkage Cuff” by Jordan Askill

JEWELRY DESIGNER Jordan was born, raised, and educated in Sydney, Australia. In 2000 he travelled to London where he was an intern with the late Alexander McQueen. Upon his return to Sydney, Jordan became lead designer for Australian cult denim brand Ksubi. In 2004, Askill was invited to join the design team at Dior Homme […]

“Zayah Cuff” by Jeanine Hsu 

JEWELRY DESIGNER Jeanine Hsu was born in London to an Austrian mother and Chinese father and spent time between London, Austria, and also Hong Kong. At 16, knowing that design was the direction she wanted to go in and chose to return to England to complete her studies. She started her career in womenswear but […]

“Metal Necklace” by Madame Grès 

JEWELRY DESIGNER Madame Gres was born Germaine Krebs in Paris in 1903. In the early \’30s, she began her work in fashion first as a milliner, under the name Alix Barton, then as a dressmaker. Her signature was great swaths of silk jersey, pleated and draped directly on a live model like the gown of […]

“Plink – Splash – Stasi Ring Sequence” by Luisa Bruni

JEWELRY DESIGNER Luisa Bruni\’s background and her proximity to the art world have always influenced my research in the field of ornaments providing her with a better medium to model her dreams. To her \”Jewels\” to me are only the visible part of something that I always carry inside me. The poetic element which is […]

“Geometric Tourmaline” Ring by Georgia Wiseman

JEWELRY DESIGNER Originally from Leicestershire, Georgia Wiseman moved to Glasgow in 2000 to study for a Jewelry & Silversmithing degree at the Glasgow School of Art. Since her graduation in 2003, her mission has been to gain as much experience as possible in both the art and commercial sides of the jewelry industry, spending time […]

“Open Heart Ring” by Gregory Larin

JEWELRY DESIGNER Gregory Larin was born in Tula, a Russian town that for many centuries has been known as a center of crafts and metalworking. At the age of 19, he moved to Israel and joined the IDF Air Force as an aircraft builder. In 2007, Gregory graduated with honors in Jewelry Design from Shenkar […]

“Ring Fountain” by Artemis Zafrana 

JEWELRY DESIGNER Artemis Zafrana’s bicultural background has become the source of an ongoing inner dialog these last years. The clearly defined social structure and the discipline, which she experienced as an integral part of her training and professional life in Germany, stand opposite to the spontaneity and impulsiveness of pursuits in Greece and the immense […]

“Silver Ring” by Sunyoung Kim 

JEWELRY DESIGNER Sunyoung Kim is a Korean jewelry designer who has received a BFA in Jewelry Design from Kongju National University and an MFA in Metalwork and Jewelry from Kookmin University. Her inspiration comes from the fragile world of \”Plants\” which though frail have a \”stronghold on life, active growth, and prolificacy\”. Kim represents this […]

“Floral Print of Formosa Dancing Doll Orchid” Earrings by Hang Lee

DESIGN OVERVIEW German Silver Gold plated Aluminium Spray paint Thread Organza silk © Hang Lee JEWELRY DESIGNER Taiwan-born jewelry artist Heng Lee juxtaposes traditional craft techniques and cutting-edge technology to explore the relationship between nature and Internet culture. Using downloaded images, laser-cut metal, and hand embroidery, he creates visually striking pieces that are both digital and […]

“Porcelain Rings” by Luca Tripaldi

DESIGN OVERVIEW Porcelain © Luca Tripaldi JEWELRY DESIGNER Why an artist like Luca Tripaldi would choose porcelain to make jewelry? Did you know that the word “jewel” comes from the Latin “iocus” which means “that which causes joy”? And that Porcelain is also called white gold? Luca Tripaldi was born in Turin, Italy, he has […]