“Scorpion Necklace” by Wallace Chan 



Wallace Chan is a Hong Kong-based jewelry artist and sculptor. He is known for creating intricate designs within carved gemstones. He is the mastermind behind the creation of what has been called the world’s most expensive diamond necklace.[Chan is also known as an innovator. He invented the Wallace Cut, an illusionary carving technique, in 1973; a jade cutting and polishing technique in 2002, and The Wallace Chan Porcelain, a porcelain five times stronger than steel, in 2018, after seven years of research. His first porcelain creation, A New Generation (Ring), is in the permanent collection of The British Museum. He is the first contemporary Chinese jewelry artist to be part of the museum\’s collection.


It\’s believed in China that the scorpion\’s poison is a \”Gu\” poison (an indicator of sources of danger). It\’s believed that a woman who seduced a man through magical means came to be thought of as practicing gu poisoning. In most stories, victims of gu poisoning were men.
Many legends say that after several days of lovemaking, a woman may forbid her lover to return home and prepare a “fixed-time-of-year” gu poisoning, thereby killing the man if he does not return at the time he promises.

The woman who wears a piece of this magnificent beauty and meaning will be considered a \”Gu Master\” without any doubt in ancient China, and probably with reason.


For any piece created by Wallace Chan, and signed by this artist there are no concerns about the quality. This is the reason why we enjoy more the pursuit of the meaning and the feeling that the creation can give us.
The clear case of this piece is that reminds us of old love stories as the centerpiece of any human being.

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