“Plink – Splash – Stasi Ring Sequence” by Luisa Bruni


Plink – Splash – Stasi Ring Sequence
© Luisa Bruni



Luisa Bruni\’s background and her proximity to the art world have always influenced my research in the field of ornaments providing her with a better medium to model her dreams.
To her \”Jewels\” to me are only the visible part of something that I always carry inside me.
The poetic element which is imbued with all her work is made up of images, sometimes in the sequence of moments, the slow passing of time, where, in the space between looking at the piece and reading the title, is founded her jewel, as the image of a haiku.
The design object becomes the container physical and symbolic, just like the frame for a painting.
Her interest is to stimulate more senses simultaneously (sight, hearing, smell) of the viewer to bring him the same emotional state that she feels when created it and situate the viewer in a childlike wonder mode.
The materials I use, as well as the technique, are in function of this idea.


With inspiration was taken from the world of photography ring Plink seizes the day, stopping the water at the time, hit by a drop, gushes the surface.
This particular piece won the Prize for \”The Best of Bijoux\” in the category \”Best Innovative Design\” at Macef in September 2010.
Understanding what you are wearing is the best way to wear a piece.


Movement it\’s defined by the Dictionary as: \”an act of changing physical location or position or of having this changed\” or \”a slight movement of the upper body\”. Luisa Bruni has caught the movement in her jewelry design style as a perpetual dance of romantic nature, an unending dialogue between the momentum and the space in her creations. Taking the destiny of metals into her own hands, the creations will have a course that will take off to be another being, an authentic sculpture, that inspires sweet chaos. Adam Braun says: \”For any movement to gain momentum, it must start with a small action\” like a drop always splashing in a ring.

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