“Dolphin Ring” by Paolo Bongia



Paolo Bongia is a Visionary, a Craftsman, and an Artist. Even the legacy of his jeweler family could not hold his unique voice. His artistic flare and dare to be different attitude culminate in the colorful pallets, smooth shapes, and sensuous movements of his creations. He is a Trendsetter. PAOLOBONGIA is a story discovered through the curves of precious stones and rare gems. A story of the designer and his relationship to nature; a story of nature itself and its uniqueness. PAOLOBONGIA is an unconventional ring that embodies delicate beauty, bracelets, and necklaces that curve into the shape of the body. The pieces are designed to speak their story to each person that wears them, ultimately conjuring a world of glamour.


The adorable traits, like love, elegance, and eternity, to be found in every Paolobongia jewelry piece are meant to honor feminine grace and personality. This makes it possible for the ornaments to be worn on any type of occasion.

Furthermore, Paolo Bongia is a natural innovator jewelry designer. When creating his jewelry pieces, he frequently chooses uncommon materials or has a preference for unconventional designs, to elevate the imagination of any woman.


Paolo Bongia is established in 1986 in Beirut, Lebanon. He\’s a fashion-forward designer, his designs are more modern than things that are fashionable now, reflecting the most up-to-date fashion trends, without chasing them. How he does do it? Driven by its concern for details and perfection and including the personality of the brand: Creations with genuine sensuality and sophistication. I believe that this is true because when you see his creations it awakens the senses, stimulating the sight, and making you wish to touch the pieces, without the exclusion of the soul and the spirit. And this process or result becomes more complex, developed, or subtle, which makes it sophisticated, without losing the delicate romance that can awaken a jewel, as a spider web after the rain.

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