“Opening Swallow Corkage Cuff” by Jordan Askill



Jordan was born, raised, and educated in Sydney, Australia. In 2000 he travelled to London where he was an intern with the late Alexander McQueen. Upon his return to Sydney, Jordan became lead designer for Australian cult denim brand Ksubi. In 2004, Askill was invited to join the design team at Dior Homme in Paris. Following four years at Dior Homme, Jordan moved to London to develop his namesake jewelry brand.

Jordan’s other passion is creating sculptures, which accompany his jewelry collections. The sculptures, also created via 3D printing, have resulted in objects that are at once organic in shape and archetypal, yet with their foundations firmly planted in the 21st Century.

His conceptual and sculptural approach received immediate critical and commercial acclaim.


The honed sculptural artworks are modern and wearable with refreshing exaggeration. Jordan Askill pieces are to be worn as natural armour, a physical message about yourself; designed these pieces to reflect the strength and purity of the material.


Jordan Askill is a \”jewel sculptures” designer, I know that the term it doesn’t exist per se, but this is how his work can be define as a “Sculptures”. His designs has a antique look inspired by history, by organic and by man-made forms, his creative expression is just \”UNIQUE\”. He explains that he tries to capture precision, symmetry and movement to convert it in a wearable form. It doesn\’t matter if the piece is about a butterfly (The Flying of the Monarch), a dove (Trough the Flames) or a horse (The Etruscans) , this topics are going to be forever \”IN\” because are important for the public and it will exist different forms for interpreted them. So for each person saying: \”everything has been already invented\” we have a Jordan Askill, and many other artist, proving the opposite, proving that still exist other approach, other style, that have not be created yet, waiting to be seen and impress us once again.

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