“Foam Ring” by Daniella Saraya



Daniella Saraya was born in Tel Aviv, Israel (1988). She is an artist and a curator and completed her bachelor’s degree in jewelry design (2013) and her master’s degree in multidisciplinary design (2017) from Shenkar College (Israel). In 2019 she started studying in the class of prof. Karen Pontoppidan at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts. Over the past decade, she creates jewelry and participated in exhibitions both in Israel and around the world. Her works question the Boundaries of jewelry, focusing on its performative side and its connection to the body.


Daniela Saraya\’s proposal is part of the most interesting questions that arise when we think about jewelry is the question of the value of the material (and the cost). Throughout history, it has been customary to make jewelry from materials that were considered precious and expensive, mostly metals and stones. Today Daniela Saraya takes the opportunity to question it through jewelry, challenge, and ask about the reasons why we consider a particular material as expensive or valuable. What are the things we choose to sanctify, to empower, and what makes us consider something specific as precious?

Is difficult to imagine something as invaluable as The Sea.


Daniella Saraya is a silversmith and contemporary jewelry designer, from Israel. She explains that for her creating jewelry is a place where she can ask, explore and find new ways to create and work with materials; experiment, and learn how? function, composition, and emotion can work together and merge into a jewel. Creation is a process where I believe Daniella Saraya has a strong point of view, with a clear vision of what she wants to project in her designs. The lightness, the space that she concedes to the materials for taking the form that please them; gives a nice feeling of unpredictability; that at the end takes the form of a necklace or a ring, where you see the artist behind the piece, but just like a shadow the minimum, for left the materials \”do what

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