“The Frog Ring” by Peter Donders


The Frog Ring.
Gold plated brass 3D print.
© Peter Donders.



The designer Peter Donders that grow up in Maasmechelen, in East Belgium, started in design by learning how to make furniture. He had fifteen years of experience and craftsmanship as a furniture designer and maker before I ever even considered using computers in the design and manufacturing process including jewelry design.

The work of Peter is possibly the best example of how traditional craftmanship and 3D design work together. It\’s still manual labor of love.


Peter Donders is inspired by Jugenstil who says: \”I love the organic and natural forms the movement uses. Nowadays I still use organic forms in my designs.  I constantly try to push limits of technologies: I don’t call them limits, I rather call them opportunities.\”

A \”Thinker Frog\”. An extremely original design, that invites us to try to understand how the mind of this designer creates?

It\’s a very original piece for a different person.


Peter Donders the designer of this original ring explains in i.materialize a digital magazine in an article written by Tatiana on September 25, 2013, that he grew up in a village called Maasmechelen, in Belgium. His dad was stuck in a wheelchair, but his father\’s condition wasn\’t an impediment for work with his hands and making things. It was thanks to his dad that he started learning how to make furniture and that in his fifteen years of experience and craftsmanship as a furniture designer and maker, Peter Donder start to use computers in the design and manufacturing process. Combining traditional craftsmanship and 3D technology he constantly tries to push the limits of technologies calling the limits: \”opportunities.»

He never planned to make a 3D printed jewelry collection, he started because someone asked him to create something small and in his words \”I ended up with an entire collection of 3D prints\”. Inspired by the organic and natural forms of the movement, for his prototypes he usually uses polyamide. For the collection on his website, he used silver, gold-plated brass, and gold.

It\’s amazing what can be created with traditional techniques and new technology with labor that comes from love and passion.

Frogs are Amphibians a word that comes from the Greek meaning \”double life\”, maybe this thinking little frog is telling us that \”physiologically we have a brain but creativity turns it into a mind\”. This is the art of Peter Donder.

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