“Oval Earrings” by Crivelli 



The Crivelli company was born in the seventies in Valenza, when Bruno Crivelli decides to transform the skills and abilities gained in the world of precious craftsmanship into entrepreneurial activity. The quality of the executions, the refinement of the combinations of stones and metals, the identification of original technical solutions, but above all the refinement of the creative composition have met the taste of consumers of different cultural traditions. The choice of this rigor has been rewarded with constant success that has allowed the company to appear as one of the most popular on the Italian and international market. Crivelli stands out with a production of jewellery that ranges from limited series products to unique pieces of exceptional quality. The adherence to the concept of jewelry in its most mature sense is confirmed by all of its creations, with particular attention to achieving a refined elegance. The strength of his language becomes the ability to rework the classic style in multiple variations. Today Crivelli is synonymous with wealth: with the chromatic combinations of precious stones, the surfaces dressed in refined finishes, the lively sparkles that also embellish hidden spaces with surprising textures.


If you want to make a tribute to the Planet and tell a story in which nature is the hero, presenting us with imagery of beauty in its rawest and most essential state, these pieces will project that meaning.

Crivelli celebrates beauty: precious and refined in the natural elements like water, earth, rocks, and plants provide the backdrop for the jewelry of the LIKE Chromatic Collection, emphasizing its timeless splendor.


Crivelli was founded in the 70’s, it\’s well known for the quality craftsmanship, the preciousness of stones and fine metals in concert, original setting designs all composed with a high level of creativity, without sacrificing the refinements in the #jewel. The company has become one of the most esteemed of the Italian and international scenes. Crivelli produces jewelry in limited edition (my favorite part), as well as unique pieces of extraordinarily high quality. Underlining the refined elegance as a characteristic of the jewelry, Crivelli revises the classical style in its own manifold way. But this is the theoretical part, and you all know I like to talk about the feelings and emotions that jewelry has the capacity to awake and for me this particular line: \”The Color of Gold\” of Crivelli reminds me the touch of Midas King; #gold the color of Kings. Why? Because everything in this world has a touch that comes from the dust, the earth, the #metal, the thousand rays of sun, as is shown in this beautiful photoshop for a catalog made for and by the Maison, that takes me to compare it to the spaces in this world that are hostile and is needed the strength of the Gold to survive them, to stand and to stay for Eternity. Is believed that Gold increase personal wisdom and power, aid in health and wellness, create success and prosperity, and illuminate the path toward your goal, the color of Gold itself is the Midas King Touch!

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