“Zayah Cuff” by Jeanine Hsu 


niin Zayah Cuff, from the Vida collection.
Upcycled wood and shells
© niin.



Jeanine Hsu was born in London to an Austrian mother and Chinese father and spent time between London, Austria, and also Hong Kong.
At 16, knowing that design was the direction she wanted to go in and chose to return to England to complete her studies.
She started her career in womenswear but soon became alarmed by the amount of waste created in the fashion industry. She realized there was a real need for affordable and sustainably-crafted accessories and that’s how her jewelry brand, niin, was born. It’s that sort of consciousness and eco-responsibility.


The person that wears one of Jeanine Hsu\’s pieces is passionate about art and fashion, but at the same time with a global eco-jewelry conscious.
Each design has been sourced by Janine Hsu herself.


Jeanine Hsu is a jewelry designer based in Hong Kong. She says (and I quote): \”I love discovering unused and discarded natural materials and making them desirable…Taking what one person might consider as waste and making someone happy\”. Her designs are made with precious stones, metals, shells, bone, and wood, and I don\’t think that I can call her style, bohemian chic or bohemian aesthetic, because she doesn\’t use diamonds, sapphires, etc, etc, all the necessary materials that the public demand for call a creation a \”luxury piece\”. And still, I think her style is elegant. But what is luxury? The dictionary answer is: \”An inessential, desirable item that is expensive or difficult to obtain\” or \”given to pleasure, especially of the senses; voluptuous\”. So let\’s see: Her designs are complex, they make a statement, and are powerful pieces with a strong Ethic!! are unique, because each piece is handmade, hence imperfect and special within itself, are timeless designs that will go well with a tank top or a formal black dress. You can dress up or dress down with her pieces, and her stores are only in HK. It\’s not this luxury?

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