“Porcelain Rings” by Luca Tripaldi



© Luca Tripaldi


Why an artist like Luca Tripaldi would choose porcelain to make jewelry?

Did you know that the word “jewel” comes from the Latin “iocus” which means “that which causes joy”? And that Porcelain is also called white gold?

Luca Tripaldi was born in Turin, Italy, he has studied as a graphic designer, and he worked for ten years in Mario Audello Studios as a sculptor, making masks and special effects for opera houses like “Scala di Milano” and “Arena di Verona”. Today he owns a ceramics workshop in Turin since 1998. He uses porcelain, preferring unglazed surfaces or only glazed in some parts with crystalline glazes and dry glazes, in order to get strong contrasts. In 2014, Luca began to combine porcelain with resin, brass, and silver to make his jewelry, introducing pail colors besides the use of the black and white that he usually prefers. I believe he works with this mix between porcelain and jewelry because in both you can create fragile forms that are more related than they look.

Luca Tripaldi likes that his design evokes creativity and attention to detail, similar to that which is typical of costume design in theaters.

Today He conducts intensive teaching activities, holding workshops throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, Russia, and Asia.

He participated at several prestigious art and craft fairs like Sofa Chicago, Collect London, Bijoux Norton Museum, and Ceramic Art London. In 2013 during Sofa Chicago he received a mention from David McFadden of MAD of New York for his porcelain rings. From 2013 to 2016 he wrote a technical ceramic column for the Italian ceramic review “La Ceramica in Italia e nel Mondo”.


The work of Luca Tripaldi is for those moments when we will like to feel and express something substantial regarding jewelry.
Luca Tripaldi\’s pieces are really contemporary and truly emotional, this particular collection (as all his work) doesn\’t obey trends, just surrender to \”The Particular Style\”.


A good jewelry collector should have a piece of jewelry made from galvanization with leaves, mushrooms, seeds, small branches, and plastics. Why not?

I must say was quite a challenge, because when you want to look for information about \”Porcelain\”, everything is very technical, superficial and not too much information is about the sense that can offer a sculpture or any item of this art by itself. Porcelain is treated like a material that can transmit nothing beyond its beauty, but at the same time porcelain can be so bright, shine, and dazzling, with the ability to captivate us like a #diamonds. In difference the ceramics, #porcelain allows the creation of intricate details; and no pigment can compare with the white calm purity that the porcelain can project. Jewelry and #porcelain are feminine, elegant, and have expressive qualities. Calm + Peace = Power.

Maybe Luca Tripaldi saw that this material can be as powerful as a diamond. In the end jewelry, it\’s not about expression as well?

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