“Geometric Tourmaline” Ring by Georgia Wiseman


© Georgia Wiseman



Originally from Leicestershire, Georgia Wiseman moved to Glasgow in 2000 to study for a Jewelry & Silversmithing degree at the Glasgow School of Art.

Since her graduation in 2003, her mission has been to gain as much experience as possible in both the art and commercial sides of the jewelry industry, spending time working in London alongside established designers in the craft and fashion industries.

In 2005 assisted by the Scottish Arts Council and Prince’s Scottish Youth Business Trust Georgia Wiseman progressed to regularly exhibiting at Collect in the V & A Museum, was selected as a member of Design-Nation an organization that promotes British design internationally, and has also been a recipient of the Design Innovation Award.  At the same time has been nominated for the Scottish Fashion Awards/Accessory Designer of the Year in 2009, which was a great platform for me to showcase her collections to a wider audience in Scotland.


This piece is part of the iconic Geo collection that uses striking 3-dimensional cage forms designed to be lightweight, turning the unusual into something covetable and wearable. The collection showcases geometric crisp forms and in some pieces rich colors of Swarovski crystals creating strong and playful, luxury statement jewelry.

In other pieces are tourmaline stones caught in chunky platinum nets, which we are sure that it\’s the kind of fishing for any girl. Glasgow\’s Georgia Wiseman displays her interest in rhythmical arrangement, perspective, and symmetry with these arresting metal structures.


Georgia Wiseman is a passionate of geometrical images and architecture. She has spent years founding, refining, exploring and perfecting her style, her gold make her art \”very distinctive and personal\”. She explains: \”I’m fascinated by  rhythmical arrangements of simple shapes to create complexity\”. She works in Glasgow (Scotland) but the most interesting part is the beginning of the creation of her pieces; she uses heat free technology (emissions-free energy system saves heat from the summer sun for winter) and with 3-D structures made from detailed repeat patterns handcrafted always from a single piece of wire often running into many meters and this will determinate the final visual outcome of the piece even different colors in the same creation. The final touch, beautiful big and colorful precious stones with the most exciting cuts to capture them within the structures creating a \”lovely sense of wonder\” and add maybe another dimension to reality through jewelry.

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