“Ring Fountain” by Artemis Zafrana 


Ring Fountain
©Artemis Zafrana.



Artemis Zafrana’s bicultural background has become the source of an ongoing inner dialog these last years. The clearly defined social structure and the discipline, which she experienced as an integral part of her training and professional life in Germany, stand opposite to the spontaneity and impulsiveness of pursuits in Greece and the immense riches of its cultural legacy. By embracing and integrating this seeming antithesis between East and West, she comes up with uniquely inventive pieces of jewelry.
Inspired by her surroundings at the foot of the mountain and near the seaside, Artemis Zafrana creates hand-chased jewelry that reflects nature’s form language.


Water is the source of life and maybe with the sun the most important resource for nature be able to make the display of power in beauty and extension in differences that nature can do.
I feel that this particular piece from Artemis Zafrana a jewelry designer with a German and Greek background represents very closely what the water can project and make us feel. She explains in her website artemis.zafrana.com that what inspires her is \”creates hand-chased jewelry that reflects nature’s form language\”. The openness, the fluidity, the up and own moving of drops suspended in the air, splashing forever in the space reclaiming at the same time a volume that water always takes with permission of any kind, makes this particular piece from this jewelry designer quite remarkable. Because how many times have you be able to see and hold fluidity without running from your fingers? Maybe just a few, but in those few, you should add the Fountain Ring from Artemis Zafrana.


Individual jewelry design or personalized jewelry that could provide a private label product made of the perfect mix of the Greek vintage and German modern giving a final result of the intriguing, alluring, fascinating, enthralling, tantalizing, compelling piece is extremely difficult to find because these words connote equal parts romance and mystery. They suggest an engaging or even hypnotic effect. They might be particularly appropriate for found-object jewelry, steampunk jewelry, particularly unusual materials or techniques where the structural complexity is important to the appeal.

It\’s a piece for collectors in our humble opinion.

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