“Triple Petal Earrings” by Carol Kauffmann 



Carol Kauffmann is Brazilian and passionate about contemporary art, history, and modern technologies. His selective perception of the world made creation the main element of his professional and personal development. After making a successful career in the textile area, Carol Kauffmann graduated as a goldsmith, designer, and jeweler. His style was imposed as unique and original from the beginning and the jewelry he creates has a striking DNA, recognizable at first glance.

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The synergy between gold and the color of stones, the combined energy of shapes and materials, and the feeling of well-being provided by jewelry as an identity mark appears in each piece.
The result is a jeweler who prioritizes attitude, values the natural wealth of Brazil, and adapts to current behavior and customs.


The organic TRIPLE PETAL EARRING made in 18k yellow gold is composed of two beautiful overlapping petals, beautiful and easy to wear from the Shadow Collection.

Carol Kauffman in one of her many interviews says: “I want someone to wear [my jewelry] at any time and not be able to identify the age it was created in or the specific style, my clients who bought jewelry 10 years ago tell me that they still feel like my designs are as current as if they had bought them today.”


Carol Kauffmann is a Brazilian jewelry designer who loves contemporary art, history, and modern technologies. Those are the forces that shaped her jewelry design.

Her first steps as a designer were in fashion, then she became a goldsmith, a designer, and a jeweler.

In IA we feel a real weakness for her beautiful PETAL earrings. The synergy and at the same time the contrast between the overlapping petals made in golden metal is irresistible.

…a GOLDEN NEW PETAL, a moon that emits its light as the sun and at the same time reflects the shine of the stars in the dark through the lights in the shadow.

A blossom petal is often viewed as a symbol of new beginnings, where goals are renewed, desires are set, and new intentions are made as a Golden Sun.

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