“Amelia Rainbow Bangle” by Suzanne Kalan 



With over 28 years of experience designing fine jewelry, Suzanne Kalan continues to create stunning collections that are both innovative and unique. Designing in 18-karat gold, Suzanne’s custom-cut colorful gemstones and dramatically placed diamonds add a modern twist to the traditional design. Her signature Fireworks collection received international praise for its breathtaking design, which marries the chaos of scattered baguette diamonds with large custom-cut gemstones.


Suzanne Kalan explains: “I want the woman who wears my designs to be able to wear them today, tomorrow and twenty years from now,” says Suzanne Kalan of her timeless pieces, all of which are handmade in LA. Brand signatures include dramatic scatterings of baguette diamonds and sliced gemstones strikingly placed over pavé diamonds.


Suzanne Kalan was born in Lebanon with Armenian family heritage, she grows up with a background in jewelry and a particular vision for design. \”Today the LA-based jewelry designer brand knows perfectly well how to create the most mesmerizing pieces and made diamond stacking a hugely popular trend through the launch of their original Fireworks and Luxe Stack designs. The unevenness (in both direction and size) of the baguette-cut diamonds and the consequent illusion of looseness is also perfectly demonstrated in the \”Luxe Stack\” bangle collection. Described as \”controlled chaos\” by the designer herself, the original design illustrates Kalan\’s unique take on how a modern tennis bracelet should be. While classic bracelets can be a very \”little princess\”, Suzanne\’s modern version comes with urban grit. All these elements come together to make \”Luxe Stack\” effortlessly cool to wear, despite its inherent preciousness. (From A talk with Suzanne Kalan. The Jewelry Eye. By: Eleanor Picciotto)… and believed it or not this is a revolution in how to use? how to set it? a how to bring a new kind of design for the well-known pavé diamond-cut!! The beauty exists in the simplicity of pieces that we can use day and night; it\’s a casual design without losing the protocol of the word \”Diamonds\” means. The philosophy of the brand is: I want the woman who wears my designs, to be able to wear it today, tomorrow, and twenty years from now\”. I think that she so far has succeeded and you?

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