“Prima Necklace” by Crystalline


PRIMA necklace with blue and pink solar quartz.
© Crystalline Jewellery.



Elena Kosenkova was born and grew up in an Eastern country (Tashkent, Uzbekistan), and from her early years, she was impressed by the grace, innate dignity, and demeanor of women from the East; which is a style impossible to copy.

Crystalline Jewellery is the brainchild of fashion experts Elena Kosenkova and Kira Pokhiton, who met in Moscow where they both worked for Conde Nast as the publisher behind Vogue and Tatler fashion directors respectively. These two friends shared ideas of how a personal accessory should look and feel, creating necklaces for their personal use.

The response to their homemade pieces was unanimously enthusiastic and encouraged Kosenkova and Pokhiton to explore the possibility of launching their line.


The idea to start working with ornamental stones came from her student years. At school, we first came across the notions of stalactites and stalagmites, which can hold so much harmony of shape and color. It is the true magic of transformation that inspired her first collection, the core elements being amethyst and solar quartz.

Elena Kosenkova and Kira Pokhiton started looking into the qualities and geometry of the crystals, their transparency, and other characteristics.

“Symmetry is what we see at a glance; based on the fact that there is no reason for any difference…” Blaise Pascal.

Crystalline Jewelry is for a woman with full harmony, proportion, grace, and personality, that looks like a genuine Crystal Mirage.


\”The German photographer Tom Hegen artistically documents the process of salines in southern Europe, where nature is channeled, regulated, and controlled by man, these salt deposits are a visual spectacle of beautiful geometries and striking framings. An orchestra of colors ranging from lighter shades of green to more vibrant red. A graphic ode to an element as every day as salt, which during its process of extraction of seawater offers unusual natural landscapes. The strong contrasts and shapes look like abstract paintings. Microscopic algae (Dunaliella Salina) grow in the water of the ponds, which proliferate as the salinity of the water increases. The microorganisms change their nuances as the salinity of the ponds increases. Some process of collecting salt is done by hand. The different ponds of the salines are separated by sand or stone walls and the composition of sea salt varies depending on the geographical location of the salt. Thus the salt of the Atlantic Ocean is richer in magnesium salts and particles of marine flora than the salt that comes from the Mediterranean Sea\”. (Art. Espejismos de Sal. El Pais. By Carmen Guri. April 12, 2018). This description of colors, reflections, and symmetry remind me of the @crystallinejewellery, which is as well a reflection of the shimmering rapture in the stone, their pieces are the tangible set of coordination in colorful impressions. The light, the heat, and even the sound reflected in their jewelry made of metal and stones are the mineralization of millions of crystals just acting like echos from different deposits of the world, just like this one!!

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