“Olive Leaf” Ring by Paloma Picasso 


Sterling silver ring with freshwater cultured pearl.
Pearls, 9.5 to 10 mm.
© Tyffany’s & Co by Paloma Picasso.



Paloma Picasso, is a French fashion designer best known for her jewelry designs for @tiffanyandco. The Olive Leaf collection, it\’s one of my favorite creation of this jewelry designer. Here it\’s a extract of a interview to Paloma Picasso by Booth Moore for @losangelestimes fashion crtitic in April 18, 2013.
What inspired the Olive Leaf collection? \”Our garden in Marrakech has an olive grove, and it was obvious that one day it would have and influence. The olive grove has 76 trees, which are at least 300 years old. And it is what attracted us to buying the house. An olive tree never changes, meaning that the leaves never fall off. It lives with you, and you have the beauty of the leaves all year long\”……\”In the collection, I tried to echo my feeling about the olive tree and how the leaves shimmer in the wind. There\’s something dainty and delicate about them, but because of the size of the leaves, it\’s still a big statement. I wanted to bring that quality to the pieces, and it took a lot of work, particularly the structure of the branch holding the leaves. Hopefully, it looks kind of free-form, like it grew by itself. But on the cuff, for example, we did about 6 different versions with different variations of openness and spacing of the leaves before we got it right\”
There is so much work and thought in the details of a jewel creation that we don\’t see. It wouldn\’t be interesting get to know it and discover it like we do with any other art, what do you think?


The olive tree is an extremely slow-growing plant, the olive tree requires years of patient labor to reach full fruitfulness, impliying establishment and peace.

Mature, cultivated olive trees grow to 20 or more feet in height and produce small flowers of yellow or white around the first of May. When the blooms begin to fall, olives, the fruit of the tree, start to form. At first, the fruit is green but turns to a deep, blue-black or dark green color when the olives are fully ripened and harvested in early fall.

Some of the oldest olive trees in the world still grow today in the Garden of Gethsemane on the Mount of Olives.


The slow and hearty growth of the olive tree alsoOlive oil was also used in the anointing and coronation of kings, making it an emblem of sovereignty. This is a very symbolic ornament for any queen in the simple and direct form.

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