“The Damian Brevis Horn” Ring by Angie Marie



Launched in 2013, New York creative director and designer Angie Marei reveals the darker side of luxury with Diaboli Kill Jewelry.

With a degree in graphic design and eclectic background of studies ranging from sculpture to illustration to art history and architecture, the Pratt Institute graduate spent years visually enhancing the advertising world of luxury fashion. This unearthed a desire to sculpt something beyond the digital computer screens. She rediscovered her love of jewelry, tracing back to her Egyptian ancestry and a family tradition of collecting jewels. Studying under a master jeweler in NYC, she uncovered a passion for wax sculpting and metal smithing and began building an archive of precious gemstones.

Pulling from a unique pool of inspiration, Marei channels the spirits from old Hollywood, ancient Egypt, and occult movies adding a hybrid of art deco and archeology to create a symphony of ominous opulence in her contemporary fine jewelry line.
Carefully designed by Angie Marei herself and hand crafted in New York City, the luxe-noir pieces bring quality, life, and sultrier dimensions to the artifacts of the old world, tempting the esoteric individual to unleash their inner dark side in the present day.
Angie Marei is proud to present the revelation of dark luxury, with unique pieces that seduce and speak to the soul.


The horn motif, also known as cornicello (Italian for the Devil\’s Horn) has been worn since ancient times as a symbol of protection to ward against the evil eye so no danger could ever touch the wearer.

This piece is to wear it for those moments that challenge to act, especially as a proof of courage, a situation that needs to be confronted boldly, to have the courage to contend against, venture, or try a new interpretation of the classic role of a woman.


It\’s temptation something wrong? Where are the new pillars of temptation? Now sexiness, from women to men is from a more empowering position, and in these times, men are daring to be sexy. And the jewelry designs of the brand Diaboli Kill are proving it. It\’s so beautiful when the thirst is mutual. Desire, temptation, daring, and sexy, do not imply sex, and Diaboli Kill brand it\’s one of those jewelry houses, that understand that now with the jewelry we want to share a message and \”DARE\” to express something about us with sincerity and with candor; dare to be bare in our individual and exclusive way. Diaboli Kill knows that the \”new sexy\” is self-acceptance, it\’s not about your shape, it\’s about the way you feel. And the temptation to own the feeling of power is a bad thing? I don\’t think so when it\’s about jewelry. What do you hear? What do you feel? What do you smell? What do you see?….we have to own it, and hold it, express it in a ring, in a bracelet, in a necklace or earrings. Why not? If Angie Marei dares to design it, we will dare to wear it.

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