“Pearl and Aquamarine Mobile Earrings” by Assael


Light Silver Tahitian Pearl and Aquamarine Earrings from the Modern Mobiles Collection.
6 Natural Color Cultured Pearls, 11.2 – 13.6mm.
Pair of Square-Cut Aquamarines from Mozambique, 17.74 carats.
Set in Platinum, the contemporary mobiles measure 2.75” in length.
© Assael.



The “Pearl King” Salvador Assael. He spent his life traveling the globe, procuring and crafting the most magnificent pearls in the world, those of impeccable quality, highest luster, and unwavering consistency. Salvador’s life story reads like an adventure novel, complete with swashbuckling treasure-hunting, pioneering entrepreneurialism, occasional bursts of luck, incredible business savvy, and the fortitude to overcome any challenge that life threw his way. His wit, fervor, courage, and insistence on excellence galvanized the industry and have made the House of Assael synonymous with magnificence and a sense of risk-takers in jewelry design.


Fashion is alive with motion, Zoom-inspired magnitude, and cool silhouettes, jewelry is always a big part of the fun, especially pearls.

For those who like to push boundaries, not just these pieces, Assael as a jewelry brand will be part of their jewelry collection.


ASSAEL is a Jewelry Company that has its origin in Italy in 1920, and Salvador Assael the company founder is a legend known as the \”Pearl King\” because of his role behind the Tahitian black pearl industry and in the rare pearl market. Assael is known for the most magnificent pearls in the world. This piece called “MODERN MOBILE” is made with Fijian Pearl and natural gems. A mechanic piece of simple balance but exquisite in the design.

True to his legendary title, Salvador Assael not only created new markets, but also, he personally aggressively grew those very same markets. To preserve the public’s enduring perception of the mystique and rarity of his finest pearls, Assael would sometimes offer his most exceptional pearls for auction at Sotheby’s. With the aim of setting new public price records for both black and white pearls, Assael brought only the very finest of pearls to auction. In 1993, an Assael Australian South Sea Pearl necklace sold at Sotheby’s New York for $2.3 million, a world auction record. It was the world’s highest price South Sea Pearl necklace ever.
To this day, Assael still holds that record for the highest price ever paid for a strand of South Sea pearls at auction.

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