“Olive Leaf” Ring by Paloma Picasso 

JEWELRY DESIGNER Paloma Picasso, is a French fashion designer best known for her jewelry designs for @tiffanyandco. The Olive Leaf collection, it\’s one of my favorite creation of this jewelry designer. Here it\’s a extract of a interview to Paloma Picasso by Booth Moore for @losangelestimes fashion crtitic in April 18, 2013. What inspired the […]

Paloma Picasso

“My purpose in life is to make everything more beautiful.” Daughter of artists Pablo Picasso and Françoise Gilot, Paloma has been a creative force since the day she was born. firstly, with childhood drawings and, later, through her now-iconic jewelry collections for Tiffany. Embodying the art and culture movement of the 1980s in New York, […]