“Multicoloured Sterling Silver Beaded Necklace” by Lauren Rubinski



Multicoloured Sterling Silver Beaded Necklace
© Lauren Rubinski


Lauren Rubinski has always loved jewels, like most people in her family. On a trip to Los Angeles, she bought a pair of horn earrings at a flea market, something that I still wear today, and was the piece that inspired her to create her designs.

One day she heard the expression \”pristine clean\” and it stuck with her, because as she will explain \”It matched exactly with my personality\”; the perfect dichotomy with the sometimes rebellious nature of the piercings that she wears and enjoys, this contradiction is attractive to her.

So Lauren Rubinski launched Pristine at the age of 24, inspired by the tribal movement or the pages of books at the Librairie Galignani, on rue de Rivoli in Paris, her collections have broken all the luxury ground rules by making a cone stud passing through on-ear from top-to-bottom, her best product seller is a cone earring mounted on gold and set with precious stones. The original design comes from the representation of a Kayapo spear, an echo of the Maasai horn.

When she first launched Pristine, her only jewelry experience was through her grandma’s jewelry box that she would come to visit once in a while in Cap d’Antibes in the South of France. As she has explained in many interviews her grandma was her idol. “She was filled with an incredible energy and gentle eccentricity,” explains Lauren Rubinski.

Defined by a relentless energy and a pinch of madness, just like her grandma, Lauren has always been creative. Seven years later, she is today an accomplished designer. People either love or hate her products, but there are never criticized in any half measures. The tribal collections boast earrings sold in pairs or as a single item, as well as rings and cuff bracelets. Each one of her pieces showcases a proud style, whether it’s her nose ring, the tunnel piercing, or her articulated rings. Lauren is entirely self-taught and draws ergonomic, minimalistic, and unpretentious designs guided by her instinct.


Lauren Rubinski is known for her chunky gold necklaces and bracelets, but now she’s expanded into creating pieces with colored beads and oversized pendants that fulfill that customer with the style \”more is more\”.

There’s something so fun and playful about these pieces, that they can express triumphant happiness looking amazing layered with a gold necklace.


Always copied, but never equaled, the designer has imposes a contemporary taste and panache in a daring form.

Her jewelry journey started with buying clips and cuffs, then gradually more piercings (her piercings are her inspiration as well). She makes prototypes and then produces her designs, and as everybody knows without sketches there is no Art.

Lauren Rubinski jewelry allows the clients to mix and match as they like the colors of different pieces of the same design, allowing the client to project and own the message that he/she wants to give or feel that day.

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