“Wood Ring” by German Kabirski


18 Kt Gold
© German Kabirski



German Kabirski was born in the Caucuses, he works in Russia.
G.Kabirski brand offers jewelry made by an auteur designer German Kabirski. His inspiration stems from the very idea of creating without regard for traditional forms and styles. Kabirski’s “rugged” art throws away the crutches of conventional production methods, it appears from air, clay, and sea foam.
German Kabirski is probably the most mysterious jewelry brand not only in Russia but also in the world. German gives no interviews and keeps himself away from the spotlights. He is much more comfortable in a society of precious stones and even a simple pebble (base material of his famous branded pendants) than in a secular society.


Key to understand his concept is simple: be yourself. Not living according to someone else’s empty concepts, not getting used to common standards, not becoming another brick in the fashion industry wall. Kabirski’s jewelry is like a distorted mirror, the one true egoists and narcissists cannot take their eyes off.


German Kabirski\’s muse inspiration is the very idea of creating without regard for traditional forms and styles. So expect the unexpected. Is a designer that gives you the feeling that he\’s not afraid to fail, try new things in a new way or look at things from a new perspective or look to please somebody. His jewelry has a wild soul a sign that says “Why can’t I enter?”, \”Why can\’t I dare? as our thoughts shimmy under the fence. His favorite image is a cockroach, \”a critter that only knows most primitive instincts. Because cockroaches occupy far corners of our conscience, and some of them are even bending us to their inexplicable will\”. (from his website). Maybe he sees that as humans we crave so much that we sometimes forget our own needs. The need that we have for being #free, to being peculiar, and unexpected. Yes, we need the adventurers and discoverers; the people who do things in their eccentric way. This is why even when is different jewelry we liked and we can see easily the beauty, what is calling us about it. Kabirski experiments with materials and forms, he uses exotic wood (African, ebony, mahogany, snakewood), and he plays with silver textures. He combines gems with everything, from silver, gold, and wood to leather and reptile skeletons. Conventionalism\’s a beautiful thing but the messy part feels incredible, as he explains it: he doesn\’t want to become another brick in the fashion industry wall. He\’s a wild side of #jewelry design, a rare free soul, but as Charles Bukowski said \”…you know it when you see it, basically because you feel good, very good when you are near them\” or just enjoying their creations.

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