“Stardust Pendant” by Sanni Falkenberg


Silver Necklace
Silver Pendant
© Sanni Falkenberg



Sanni Falkenberg\’s life-long passion for rocks and crystals started as a little girl with an innocent collection of stones and minerals. This grew into a passionate fascination, and she feels incredibly awed that she is working with materials formed hundreds of millions of years ago.

From her childhood, the long dark winters of her homeland offered Sanni an unparalleled view of the night sky, galaxies and the amazing Aurora Borealis. These observations led to questions and a fascination that inspired dreams and visions. Sanni’s unique imagination would take her through the galaxies, nebulae and stardust, to far, far away solar systems. There she can find her inspiration and return to express these into cosmic jewelry.


Sanni Falkenberg designs are the study of the contrasts, from dead and rigid to alive and moving, from ceasing to immortal. She sculpt semiprecious gemstones to resemble flower buds that invite the viewer to see humanized, intimate elements in them. Her work has an element of softness and sensuality despite of the unmalleable nature of the stone, and invites to be touched.


How can the Universe be so amazing? And How did @sannifalkenberg know that we need to remember to notice it?… so like @sannifalkenberg I pulled out my compass, and I remember that each planet started with just one spark and that ancient cultures saw pictures in the night sky full of stars 6000 years ago, as we can appreciate it in the valley of the Euphrates River. But what would be constellations without the mythology of the ancient Greeks and Romans, that crown the heavens? But that\’s another story, let\’s go back to @sannifalkenberg. The word \”constellation\” seems to come from the Late Latin term cōnstellātiō, which can be translated as \”set of stars\”. Constellations are formed of bright stars which appear close to each other in the sky but are far apart in space. The shapes you see all depend on your point of view. But what it\’s a fact is that the size of the Universe is still unknown, but it\’s observable, like the pieces created by @sannifalkenberg, that when you see them you feel that they are all of space and time, in her drusy stones you can see planets, stars and all other forms of matter and energy. A complete galaxy in her stones with a natural finish. The galaxies, and the universe, all is the result of time and the work of extreme forces, like the stones that have been formed in volcanic conditions from 1.000 to 3.300 million years ago inside of the Earth. And like that wasn\’t enough, the pieces are hand-carved by @sannifalkenberg, presented in 18 Kt yellow gold; she explains \”While designing the collection, I wanted to bring home some galactic aesthetics and express these into jewelry, that commands adoration\”. I wonder if we can see the single beauty in these pieces just like Sanni saw the whole universe in the stones. Let\’s wear this kind of design, let\’s dare to hold the galaxy and shine like a Star.

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