“Paper Necklace” by Lucie Houdkova


Paper Necklace from the Deep Collection
©Lucie Houdkova



Lucie Houdkova, born in1984 in Brno, Czech Republic works and lives in Prague. Czech Designer is inspired by natural forms to create truly unusual jewelry with paper but also, surprise surprise, with plastic creating an amazing effect.

To clarify the concept that jewelry design goes re-read with a more modern key, the Houdkova is part of the collective UNOSTO, founded in May 2011 to promote the design of the Czech Republic.

For the Czech designer jewelry research is oriented toward the organic forms and experimenting with different materials, the research of balance and harmony become the key point of its production. Maybe conceives her jewel as an artwork with a double value: from the object that adorns, complements, and enhances the body (just like a jewel has to do) almost sculptural product, decorative, end in itself.


Could you believe that Air can be expressed and feel it in a Jewel? This collection Deep, created with paper resembles a mobile sculpture or a complement of nest-shaped furniture, but as a jewel is exceeded.


Lucie Houdkova is a young Czech jewelry designer that works with different kinds of material: tracing paper, stainless steel, silver, gold, and sometimes inclusive plastic. Her journey started with studying at the Academy of Arts, Design, and Architecture in Prague at the studio of Metal and Jewelry led by Czech. Her muse begins comes with the scientific illustrations of Ernst Heinrich Haeckel, who in the 19th century turned the attention of Western civilization to the world of the magnificent and tiny creatures of the seabed. The seabed where repose the beginning of life, the water, the oxygen, the principle of the living matter that can be transformed into solid and enclosed shapes with dynamic forms resembling the movement of underwater currents and waves as her jewelry. Lucie\’s art in her words is like \”coral polyps\” that have the \”power to rejuvenate the human body, very much the same way that coral transforms the seabed\”. Or we could say that her creations are the movement of the oxygen, the movement of the air in the water that transforms the seabed?
For us in her jewelry we can feel the air, the breeze the \”same slow process of layering material\” like life.

At the end of her website she has a slogan: \”Not Just a Label\”

Not, are you agree?

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