Necklace of the “Murmur Line” by Emmeline Hastings 


Light and wearable Perspex acrylic.
Mysterious Patterns in oxidized silver.
© Emmeline Hastings.



With her roots in art and sculpture, Emmeline Hastings combines unexpected and contrasting materials from her UK studio. Utilizing her individual and original techniques of hand carving acrylics and resins and embedding them with metallic elements she creates striking, beautiful, and contemporary wearable sculpture.
Her pieces capture aliveness, fleeting moments; free-flowing and rippling textures. Her ephemeral jewels reveal naturalistic forms, surfaces dotted bristling with glittering metallic elements that shift and change with perspective.  An unmistakable aesthetic with mysterious patterns of gold and silver seemingly organic to the form.
“All of my work shares an ephemeral quality while being eminently wearable. I create mysterious miniature landscapes through a unique visual language. I hope to make associations with varying natural phenomena through this individual making process.”
Bespoke and unique jewelry crafted in hand-carved perspex acrylic and precious metals


Murmur as everybody knows means a low, continuous sound, as of a brook, the wind, or trees, or of low, indistinct voices. a mumbled or private expression of discontent.

Murmur line is characterized by flowing patterns of precious scales on textured and organic forms. Bold and distinctive. A statement jewelry whisper.


There is not too much information about @emmeline_hastings, she is a British jewelry designer with a background in sculpture. Her work is part of many personal collections as well as that of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. Her design signature is a technique of hand carving acrylic and embedding it with metallic elements creating striking, beautiful, and contemporary wearable sculpture. Her designs look like a composition of dark mother of pearl scales, contour sculptures of steel completeness, with vigilant spaces of air and darkness in constant movement. But beneath this compact work of little scales as a snake, a dragon, or a fish, we have the patient work, one by one of the @emmeline_hastings, in creation and setting, and finally the observation of the artist in the movement of the piece under the light. How it will change color? it will move with the person? it will project their sensuality not having a competition with the owner of this creation or jewel?. These jewels have delicate forms, hold abstract thoughts, voluptuosity, no beginning, no end, always in genesis. Always in deep changes.

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