“Flower Necklace” by Françoise Weeks 


Necklace made of fritallaria, hellebore, muscari and pieris, along with succulents and other textures.
© Françoise Weeks.



Françoise Weeks was born in Belgium and started her business in 1996. She has infused her work with a quintessential European reverence for flowers and nature. Combined with creativity and mechanical ingenuity, she has crystalized her singular style of Textural Woodlands and Botanical Haute Couture pieces, garnering a global following.
Françoise’s studio is located in Portland, Oregon. Her generosity of knowledge and perspective in the use of floral materials, structure, and mechanics, in addition to the business of being a florist, unite to create rigorous and exciting learning opportunities for her students to explore all that nature has to offer.


It would be fear to said that Françoise Weeks has a particular perspective about jewelry because of the way that she uses nature in her photographs? The creations of her pieces would you considerate jewelry or just the particular use of her materials in her pictures?

Personally, I think and maybe she will not agree with my opinion she is a particular jewelry designer not just for the nature of her materials but also for her designs and how she expresses them. In several pictures, we can appreciate a voluminous necklace made from delicates and fragile flowers, an amazing tiara made of butterflies wings and even a complete suite (and not for this she is a fashion designer, I know!!). In her website theresaisabear.com she explains:

\”Why are botanical’s and the Earth involved in all I do? Because there is no one who shows up to our stories, makes us feel safe, and beautiful like the Earth. This series would be nothing without her\”. After analyze and think her work carefully and with time maybe she is just a great artist with a fun and unique use of natural materials used as we could considerate jewelry.


Her innovation and love of teaching have brought her to many cities in the US in studios, wholesalers, garden clubs, Art in Bloom events, and conferences, including at AIFD Symposium. She also taught in Mexico, Canada, England, Sweden, Iceland, France, China, and Australia.
In 2019 she was invited to participate in two international flower events in Belgium: Flower Time at the city hall in Brussels and Fleuramour at the medieval castle in Alden Biesen.
Her dynamic work has been published in national and international publications such as Nacre, Fusion Flowers, Modern Wedding Flowers, Huffington Post, Flutter, and Milieu.

…and her works doesn\’t aspire to be there forever just be remembered with tenderness.

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