“Black Lips” Ring by Mattioli


Lips Ring
18 Kt Rose Gold
Black Enamel
© Mattioli



Mattioli is a brand from Torino, the first capital of Italy, home of elegant palazzi from the Renaissance period, and of Rococo and Art Nouveau architecture, that Mattioli finds its roots in 1860 with the Antica Ditta Marchisio owner of the first hallmark issued by the city: the historical \”1 TO\” (meaning the first and oldest in Torino).
The company owes its success to the most celebrated masterful goldsmithing tradition of Torino that has been carried forward and improved with the introduction of the most advanced techniques, following the acquisition by the Mattioli family in 1995.
Thanks to the continuous dialogue between passion, research, excellence, and creativity, collections have achieved extraordinary success in their home country and at selected jewelers in Europe, the United States, and Japan where the re-branded Mattioli is synonymous with Italian excellence and elegance.


The \”Mattioli women\” is a dynamic and sophisticated yet feminine, actresses of their time and interpreters of the contemporary spirit. She imagines creations as an extension of their attitudes and personalities.
Each piece of jewelry is unique and eclectic, a daily travel companion, and an irreplaceable signature of Italian elegance.


Andy Warhol one rewrite the course of history one painting at a time, as he did with the portrait oh the Venezuelan designer Carolina Herrera in 1979. The beginning of that story start with a jewel from the Maison Van Cleef & Arpels a clutch made in gold filigree and a diamond brooch. Andy Warhol said to Carolina Herrera: \” I will exchange you this master piece for one of my paintings\”. The rest is story.
In 1995 the engineer Luciano Mattioli, purchased the company Antica Ditta Marchisio, the first trademark issued by the city of Torino/Italy and asked his daughter Licia, to assist him in its management, a company that at that moment was a very well known Maison for their jewelry creations, it was a bold move as all that we do when we fall in love with jewelry and everything that this world can represent: tradition, passion, precision, novelty and some how a special ingredient that Mattioli Maison has a rebellious spirit with a mix of daring. Oscar Wilde once said: \”The curves of your lips rewrite history\” as this Maison is doing since 1995, as Andy Warhol did in 1979, as this lips in 18 kt rose gold and black enamel will do forever.

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