“The Peacock Ring” by Damiani 



The history of Damiani jewelry is that of an Italian family strongly tied to tradition and passion for goldsmith art. The family has designed and produced precious and unique jewelry for three generations. The Damiani family generations have watched jewelry being created and the crafting of diamonds and precious stones, learning to love a profession and its secrets even before they started to work in the company.


Damiani’s modern and innovative style makes each of its creations unique and unmistakable. The peacocks are symbolic of re-growth and rejuvenation, royalty, respect, honor, and integrity. They are also a symbol of beauty, love, and passion. In Hinduism and Buddhism, these birds are considered to be sacred and worshipped alongside their deities.

They learned this from their father, who loved to say: “Nature gives us beautiful things, our job is to make them more beautiful”.


We have chosen as the engagement ring of this month The Peacock from the Maison Damiani.

Damiani is an Italian Maison that must believe as Romans and Greeks in ancient times that the Peacock tail has the \”eyes\” of the stars; and that for other cultures the Peacock represents: Vision, Royalty, Awakening, and Guidance. Qualities that suit perfectly for the beginning of the year.

The Peacock also represents any bird: resurrection, renewal, and immortality but the bird is more special because The Peacock feathers don\’t fade or lose their shiny luster.

What we can agree with is that Imagination rules nature; there are no clear structures of boundaries in what nature can create, as there are no clear rules and structures about how love should be expressed.

This piece is beautiful as an engagement ring because beautiful things do ask for attention there are unexpected and exist for the ones who can appreciate, like the stars that Romans and Greeks saw in the Peacocks tail, as the never-fading beauty of its feathers, as this ring could have the opportunity to represent the world that can not be seen or even touched but must be felt with the heart.

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