“Willow Ring” by SICIS



Founded in 1987 by Maurizio Leo Placuzzi in Ravenna, SICIS is an internationally sought-after leader in Musive art. Driven by passion, artistry, and history, SICIS strives to elevate ancient mosaic tradition by infusing it with a contemporary aesthetic and experimenting with diverse applications. SICIS interior home projects are distinguished by intricate details and grand, timeless designs, while the Jewelry line, handcrafted using micromosaic techniques and goldsmithing, merges creativity with tradition in a shimmering kaleidoscope of gold, tesserae, and gemstones.

Sicis uses one of the oldest jewelry techniques to create a modern and contemporary watch collection in addition to a jewelry collection using thousands of mosaic parts, called nano-mosaic delicately set one by one into the design of the watch or jewel.
100% hand-made the luxurious Italian mosaic company uses a rainbow of colors to sparkle and amaze with precious stones, nano-mosaic, gold, titanium, and pearls.


This piece is of very high quality and is a clear representation of the careful selection of stones, the artisan, and artistic care for jewels created with uncommon skills: pieces with a strong identity that knows how to amaze the viewer. Exclusive objects of art that are timeless and truly unique.


This Micromosaic ring projects a story of love and passion and is a kaleidoscopic world of research, mastery, and refined elegance. The tiny tiles with perfect shapes, set with absolute mastery, embrace precious stones in a magical and unrepeatable play of light. Jewelry with an eclectic design and a particular three-dimensionality. A dream that comes true: bringing the art of micromosaic to a new renaissance. A story of love and passion, for eternal beauty.

This is a pink pear sapphire micromosaic blue ring by SICIS. What do you think about a “statement” engagement ring? It’s an important decision: to get married. What about a ring as important (not in carats) in work as the decision and unique because of the micromosaic work as unique as each couple?

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