“Citrine Ring” by Ramon Jewelers 



In 1888, the first member of the RAMON family opened a small jewelry workshop. Years later, his son, Isidre Ramón, set up his craft workshop in Barcelona.
Barcelona was internationally recognized, thanks to its industry and social events, which let flourish and brought growth to sectors such as jewelry. A golden era ensued in which the workshop would consolidate as a benchmark and that years later would be taken over by a new generation of Ramons, this time, led by Carlos-Enric Ramon.

His insistence on quality and know-how, a legacy of his father, together with his commitment and dedication, soon became one of the most referenced jewelers of Barcelona in the 20th century.

Today, a century later, RAMON Barcelona is present in the main capitals of the world thanks to its essence, impregnated with passion, technical ability, sensitivity, design, and craftsmanship.


Barcelona is the inspiration for the style of this Maison, and the environment of this city. The original cahacter of Barcelona, its lights, its colors, or its perfume cultivate our senses and are the base of our creations.
RAMON collections adapt to women and men of the XXIst century, with a global and eclectic lifestyle and needs of beauty, adorning, and communicating.
Luxury is possessing and to enjoy using them, and observing how your body reacts when you wear them.


…what\’s wrong with simplicity? what’s wrong with #casual and #easy? which one is the problem if we find inspiration in daily basics acts, in the daily routine, in the small components of our life, happiness, including seek joy in sad places, and transform it into beauty, put it in a different perspective. To be genuinely casual, to go to #work or go to the park with the #kids wearing a jewel that you feel that not interfere with nothing that you do, and feel feminine that is @ramon_jewellers jewelry about. And behind that feeling of effortless, you can see and feel the thought in the design and in each #collection the storytelling. If I write about @ramon_jewellers pieces feeling I would say that are pieces created for embellishing memories in the currently making, the #today, are not creations trying to get too caught up looking to tomorrow, the future, losing sight of life\’s gift present. For @ramon_jewellers every pebble is unique, like each memento. “What is the luxury: simple things, books, being alone, or with somebody who understands.\” (Daphne du Maurier)…. someone like you, who understand this post, that understands jewelry and the passion in this art!!

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