“Multicolored Necklace” by Carlo Barberis 



Carlo Barberis, (1909-1994), gifted with a natural sense of balance and a refined taste, started working as a goldsmith when he was very young and, after accruing a good deal of experience, opened his workshop in 1929. The company was attributed the trademark Nr 39, by now the oldest one in Valenza.
After Gianni’s sudden death in 2001, his children Francesco and Maria joined the company. Thanks to their creativity, the company developed a new network of business relations and partnerships worldwide. Together with their youngest brothers Alessandra and Lorenzo, they represent the new generation of the family: they share the same love for color gemstones and the art of jewelry.
They aim at bringing the creative world of Carlo Barberis to further achievements.


This Carlo Barberis piece has been designed to recreate an elegant touch of fantasy in any woman who wears it.

This piece is so eclectic that could be a bespoke showpiece to elegant essentials.


It is a jewelry brand dedicated to designing pieces with exceptional gemstones, Carlo Barberis is a name well known for having an educated eye for work with a variety of colors and their combination, deepening the knowledge of gemstones, to search for new techniques to give even newer and unpredictable features to traditional shapes \”because it is on a small detail that the whole harmony may depend\”. One of his best pieces for us is this necklace with gently curving branches that give de sense of abstract floral design. A beautiful blossom garden for life.

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