“The Oasis Cuff” by Buccellati 



Buccellati Holding Italia is an Italian jewelry and watch company formed by the merger of two previous companies with existing brands Mario Buccellati and Gianmaria Buccellati, which corresponded to the names and surname of two master goldsmiths: father and son.


An oasis can be formed by an underground aquifer or river that creates enough pressure for water to seep to the surface, this is the reason why they represent the capacity of life to exist in harsh climates like the desert.

This piece is for those moments where it looks like a large filter of light from the sky fell upon the center of the jewelry art, and
the sun seemed to have chosen this one spot in a Buccellati cuff.


The \”Oasi\” cuff of the Maison Buccellati inevitably takes me to think of the word \”Oasis\” the blue aquamarine is a wonder that excites and fascinates with its extraordinary dazzle refined by the yellow gold and diamond openwork. It feels like a peaceful sphere in our everyday lives, a calm place that can be your home, any location, or an imagined place like be in a gem. The diamonds are like the stars that guide the traveler to find a fertile spot in a desert where water is found. The precise openness of the cuff around the aquamarine makes this piece young and adds more light to the diamonds in it. In the simplicity of the creation, if we observe well, we will be able to appreciate old the thoughts of the designer in this simple, peaceful and calm design.

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