“The Golden Fleece” Bracelet by Giovanni Corvaja


Bracelet 2008 “The Golden Fleece”
18K gold, 22K gold, 950 platinum
90 mm ext. diam. x 50 mm
1,241,856 single wires (total: 28 km of wire)
4,000 platinum granules
1,259 hours of labour
© Giovanni Corvaja 2012.



Giovanni Corvaja (born 30 September 1971) is an Italian jewelry artist known for fine wire work. His work began as a metal smithing at the age of 13 at Pietro Selvatico High School of Art in Padua under the tuition of Francesco Pavan and Paolo Maurizio. In 1988 was awarded the Diploma di Maestro d’Arte, and in 1990 – the Maturità d’Arte Applicata. He is an Italian goldsmith artist well-know worldwide. His pieces have been acquired by the most prestigious museums and collectors in Europe, America and Australia. For this jewelry designer the artistic, formal and technical research are the adquiere discipline that it\’s needed to be an artistic Jewelry Designer.

Giovanni Corvaja has been exhibiting his work internationally since 1989, and has presented his pieces in more than 150 solo and group exhibitions worldwide. Some of his annual exhibitions are in major art fairs such as The European Fine Art Fair, Pavilion of Art and Design, London, Masterpiece, London, and COLLECT since 2008.


This is a unique piece that challenge the status quo of jewelry design, so I think that isn\’t outrageous to say that have the opportunity to add this piece to any jewelry collection or used as statement piece in any casual or formal event, will be a chance to prove that a wearable piece of art can be fluid in sensuality and fluid in style.


In the early ‘90s, Giovanni developed a system that enabled him to reduce gold and platinum to the dimension of one fifth of a human hair a research that took him, some 12 years, to make it tangible: the creation of the Golden Fleece. This new technic opened a whole new world of expressive possibilities in the field of the jewelry world and for him. Because precious metals turned into delicate fibers in a soft, ethereal matter, very pleasant to the touch, possessing the unique power of symbology and magic of gold make in this piece to have it and experience of touching a pleasurable one as caressing a golden fur. Creating an object that is beautiful, and sensually tactile. Because in his own words “Gold is my obsession, it is a symbol of evolution and perfection, it expresses the best virtue of nature and the creation. It is therefore a necessity for me to work with it, to acquire the maximum possible knowledge of it”.

In the Golden Fleece collection the bracelet represents the strength and perpetuity of power in the collection.

As any piece of art this bracelet has a story to tell and we believe that it will be: How to take the past of gold and make it in amore meaningful future.

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