“South Sea Pearl Ring” by Andrew Grima 



Andrew Grima was the most influential jewelry designer of the post-war period. He changed the way people perceived jewelry not just in Britain but around the globe and consequently is widely regarded as the father of modern jewelry. Entirely self-taught, he joined his father-in-law’s jewelry manufacturing business, H.J. Company, in 1946 and immediately set about innovating with new techniques and changing the emphasis from figurative to organic and abstract designs.


The secret to Grima’s inventive designs was that while they appeared simple and effortless, they required extraordinary skill to create. His designs are inspired by his travels and the natural world, as well as works of art he had seen.
A spirit that is present in every piece of the Maison Grima.


Andrew Grima, designed this pearl ring in 1970; is a swinging pearl set in texturized yellow gold and diamonds. Andrew @grimajewellery was an army engineer during World War II and after returning to London, was working in the accounts department of his father in law\’s small jewelry manufacturing business. It was an Anglo-Italian designer that bring the emphasis on original design rather than on the value of a piece\’s glittering parts. Jewelry specialist consider @grimajewellery technical skills all the more surprising given his lack of formal training. Today Andrew @grimajewellery is recognized as one of the great modernist jewelry designers of the 20th century. I suppose that @grimajewellery it would be agree with Atticus that says: \”when it come to art, it\’s important not to hide the madness\”, or like I would say the imagination.

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