“Sea Shell Ring” by Oscar Rodriguez


Sea Shell Ring
Sea shell
18 Kt Gold
© Oscar Rodriguez.



In 1985 Oscar Rodriguez Blanco, following his family’s tradition, and motivated by his knowledge of the jewelry market and his hope for developing it, founded his first shop and jewelry atelier in Viveiro, a small town where he has lived since young.  It was a small 40-square-meter shop-atelier, but it set in motion the Rodriguez family’s project.
Since 1990 the Group Plaza Galicia was the springboard for his works. He belonged to it until its winding-up in 2008.  In 1994, due to the Company’s growth and the need for a wider infrastructure for his equipment, his workshop became one of the most important in Galicia.  From 1995 onwards, Oscar Rodriguez has taken in the international event of Iberjoya in Madrid, showing his new works twice per year. These pieces are the exercise of a combination of creation, aesthetics, and handicraft, with a touch of audacity which makes each jewel a true piece of art.
Throughout his career, he has received important awards and recognition, just to mention the most recent AN Gem Awards, in which he has taken part since their beginning.  Since 2008 his daughter Cristina, having learned jewelry design and business administration in Barcelona and New York, has been working for the company, and she now plays an important role in the author’s plans.  They work together on fresh and innovative collections to which nobody watching them could turn a blind eye.


Oscar Rodriguez’s work is outstanding. His adventurous works give exuberance and capricious forms to his creations. Forms and thoughts that are worth it of the most exquisite jewelry collection.
This brand is a very well-known secret by the jewelry connoisseur in Spain.


…treasures of land and sea, in the end, the world. The god Poseidon for the Greeks, Neptune for the Romans the end a God. In dividing heaven, the watery realm, and the subterranean land of the dead, the Olympians agreed that the earth would be ruled by Zeus as king, and of course Poseidon/Neptune the seas. This God once hit the earth, the Acropolis with his trident creating horses in the shape of breaking waves. A beautiful gift that still we enjoy our days. It\’s said that Poseidon is a king of cold hearts, but still, he has his dear friends, like Delphinus the king of the dolphins who found help him to find a beautiful wife the mermaid Amphitrite, a sea nymph with golden hair and shimmering blue eyes. But what about the treasures in the Ocean? a concern of his friend Oceanus a Titan-God, somebody stronger than him but in the end his friend. For his friend, he will have to descend to earth from his shining palace, like gods do, disguised as humans or animals. Poseidon thought of some men; shepherds and herdsmen who cherish the light and beauty, that will understand a beautiful, radiant god like him and the treasures that he has for share. One by one in a small collection of rings, Oscar Rodriguez (Spain) has heard the whispers of the God; yes! it\’s a small secret but not simple, beautiful in design and perfect in craftsmanship, we will look forward for see the rest of the treasures that this artist will reveal. Poseidon knows that mortals worship the gods and the gods honored Mother Earth. They have all sprung from her, for she was the beginning of all life. Where did Oscar Rodriguez has found these treasures?. Let\’s be curious about what the God of the seas has said to this jewelry designer and let\’s keep passing this beautiful secret.

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