“Rustic Three-Dimensional Diamond Earrings” by Nak Armstrong


Rustic Three-Dimensional Diamond Earrings.
Feature an exceptional tapestry of angles and facets in rustic diamond, sapphire, tourmaline, aquamarine and labradorite.
©Nak Armstrong.



Recognized for his innovative departures from standard metalworking techniques and an experimental aesthetic such as the hand-selected stones crafted with a proprietary laser-welding technique, Nak Armstrong\’s award-winning work continues to push the boundaries of design.

Nak Armstrong has also been the recipient of several prestigious accolades during his career, including the Fashion Guild International Rising Star Award, the Couture International Award for Platinum, and the CFDA Award for Emerging Talent in Accessory Design.


Nak always sought out the new, the different, and rarely content with the available some sort of innovation, whether it be new material or technique, provides for something truly fresh and modern jewelry design world.

Nak has always been aspiring to make jewelry not look like jewelry. He places a premium on originality, often inventing his metal-working and construction techniques to achieve his vision, with his education in architecture and subsequent early career in fashion being very evident in the engineering of his designs. One of his most well-known designs comes from a technique he invented for setting undulating baguettes and tapered baguettes in a ruffle-like pattern that he calls \’stone plissé.\’ Reinterpreting the motifs of his jewelry design with hundreds of proprietary gemstone cuts arranged in pixelated-like explosions of color.


In a Kaleidoscope, we are not sure about what we see but we know what we see is beautiful. The mix of shapes and color under the mirage of a movement under our supposed control is beautiful. When we see Nak Armstrong\’s work, we can see that glimpse of beauty and clarity that offers us a Kaleidoscope in a static group of gems giving us always the feeling of: \”now is going to rotate to the next shine, to the next form never anticipated but always surprising with all the patterns altered\”. As the rotation of a Kaleidoscope, Nak Armstrong\’s work never looks the same because are pieces that play with the element that makes them always different: form and light; and how these two concepts affect the jewel, is what makes Nak Armstrong\’s jewelry never be the same, as the movement of a Kaleidoscope under the mirage of our supposed control. The Kaleidoscope was made in 1817 by Scottish inventor David Brewster, \”kaleidoscope\” is derived from the Ancient Greek (Kalos), \”beautiful, beauty\”,(Eidos), \”that which is seen: form, shape\”, (skopeō), \”to look to, to examine\”, hence \”observation of beautiful forms\”. Beauty! I suppose that the challenge is to see it!! And you?

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