Ring “Reveal” by Glenn Spiro



London dealer Glenn Spiro has quietly made a name for himself with his extraordinary colored gemstones. A non-traditionalist, Glenn chooses to create his bespoke fine jewelry one piece at a time and has yet to build a brand name or open stores. While his fine jewelry pieces do not bear a signature style, each of Glenn\’s designs is made to enhance the beauty of the chosen precious stones.

The jeweler, who hails from East London with humble beginnings, got his start at age 15 as an apprentice at English Artworks, a workshop owned by Cartier in nearby Hatton Garden. He burnished his reputation when he began partnering with Lançon, a Geneva-based jewelry manufacturer renowned for its boundary-pushing designs. In 2014, Spiro established his atelier, and since 2016 he has operated out of a historic salon in Mayfair, the former studio of fashion designer Sir Norman Hartnell. Unlike many of his contemporaries, however, he’s never pursued the limelight, preferring to let his idiosyncratic jewels stand on their own.
Spiro tells Robb Report that he wants his jewelry to be remembered for its impact. “This is jewelry for confident women who enjoy life,” he adds, “so I hope they are remembered for looking great in it, too.”


Each piece is Glenn Spiro is a triumph. He can take rare stones and make rings, necklaces, several pieces, that can be wear it to a black-tie affair, or down the street with a white T-shirt and jeans.
That kind of irreverent approach to the rarest of stones is a classic Spiro.
This is a Spiro-style signature.


A good artist can come from anywhere, but not anyone can be a good artist. Glenn Spiro was born in London to a family of modest means, and he left school at 15 to join the English Art Works, where he learned the art of jewelry making. At the age of 21 with a little bit of money, he opened a workshop in east London. And like any great artist in history, destiny wanted him as an artist in jewelry and today Glenn Spiro \”The Master Jeweler and former Christie\’s Expert\” is only for a select customer or jewelry collectors; with his ateliers in London and Geneva, for the past 25 years, many of his most beautiful creations, designed by Spiro and his team and manufactured in his Geneva workshop has been sold under various celebrated brand names that he is too discreet to disclose. With time Spiro became a well-known secret and the clients start to buy straight to him. In 2014 Spiro launched his label, \”G London\”. Now his few signature designs are next to the brands that have sold Spiro’s work under their names. He says: “We didn’t make the stones, we just put them in the right places.” My favorite work of this \”Master Jeweler\” evidently is the flowers. But please look at his work. For a jeweler passionate about his art is a fire that will light his path forever.

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