“Purple and Pink Bliss Necklace” by Margot McKinney



Margot McKinney is a fourth-generation jeweler whose creations are a joy to behold. Inspired by her love of travel and the vivid colors she encounters on her exotic adventures, she has a soft spot for gems native to Australia, including opals and South Sea pearls, combining them with colored stones to create bold statement pieces, each of which tells a story. She draws real pleasure from seeing women wearing her jewelry, and many of her customers become collectors of these wearable works of art.


It will appeal to confident and strong women searching for a different kind of jewelry. These are pieces for those who travel the world and will like a gem or pearl sourced directly from Australia in an artistic jewelry design.


\”Quality, glamour, and versatility are my guiding principles. Ensuring you feel fabulous is my desire.\” – Margot McKinney. She is the fourth generation in the 132-year-old jewelry business, and \”I am very proud to be carrying on the McKinney name in business\”, says the Australian jeweler. But the first time that I knew about @margotmckinney, was in her IG account, and I must say that: I was just blown away with the style of this woman, how she uses, combine and express her jewelry, it\’s just INSPIRING. It\’s her style, that makes me follow her. Her attitude in this business. When I see her, I see a designer and a strong businesswoman. I read about her on the internet, and I think that every girl (or men, why not?) like me, that it\’s looking at her space in the jewelry world, and trying to even understand their point of view like me, and trying to express it, she is a good role model to follow. Besides the fact that her creations are beautiful, with a clear personality, and easy to distinguish from others. Her family values are \”Attention to detail\”, \”seizing opportunities as they are presented\” and \”not being deterred by taking on something rather challenging\”. Her passion is to travel and her travel histories are the backdrops for her jewelry. Every jewel has a story (….that deserves to be told, as I always have said) and @margotmckenney wants to share the creative journey with her collectors. She explains that she always feels humbled to see her jewelry being worn by collectors of her creations, and how they so wonderfully interpret their style with her heirloom jewels. This post for me, it\’s not about the designer, it\’s about this woman, and how she can cheer us up, to be better, to be successful, authentic, feminine, and powerful at the same time. Some info was obtained from the article: “Jewelry Designer Margot McKinney Draws Inspiration From the Desert”.

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