“Pea Brooch” by Hemmerle 


Demantoid garnets
white gold
© Hemmerle.



Hemmerle is a Munich-based jeweler founded in 1893 by brothers Joseph and Anton Hemmerle.

Anton and Joseph Hemmerle established Hemmerle by taking over an established goldsmiths’ company specializing in medals and orders and in 1895 they are appointed \’Purveyor to the Court\’ by Luitpold, Prince Regent of Bavaria by Royal warrant of appointment to create medals for the Royal Bavarian Court, Bavarian Order of Merit. The Hemmerle boutique at 14 Maximilianstraße opened in 1904 and remains there today.

Today, Christian Hemmerle, Joseph\’s great-grandson, manages the company along with his wife Yasmin and parents Stefan and Sylveli.


The concept of the recipe taps into the alchemical mix of ingredients – imagination and intuition, originality, creativity, audacity, and technical virtuosity – that go to make a Hemmerle jewel as a good chef will know.
The vegetal theme shows Hemmerle’s affinity with figurative as well as abstract compositions, their respect for the natural treasures of the planet, and ode to the world that surround us and we take per grant.


We live in a Corporative World, and genuine tradition is a rare gem. Hemmerle is a Munich-based jeweler founded in 1893 by brothers Joseph and Anton Hemmerle. Today the Maison is a fourth-generation jewelry business under the direction of Christian and Yasmin Hemmerle. This jewelry house is well known for its domain an early and difficult 19th century, near-extinct Austrian technique of woven, knitted, precious gem beads. Each bead is hand-hewn and carved, hand-drilled, impeccably matched for color, and often carefully calibrated and graduated to achieve a silky gem-mesh knitted in the round, on silk, for bangles or long necklaces, often hung with a signature Hemmerle tassel. This labor and time-intensive process reflects their commitment to artisanal excellence. Many times you read me saying that jewelry is an art (still looking for its place to be accepted as such) and that my favorite part of jewelry it\’s what can mean. One of Hemmerle\’s jewelry projects has been the creation of a book called \”Delicious Jewels\”, a book that introduces a vegetable-inspired collection of jewelry along with recipes by celebrated food writer and author Tamasin Day-Lewis; the house explains that the purpose of  \”this collection is about seeing beauty where most people just see the ordinary details of daily life\”. This is not amazing?  I think that that is the purpose of all their collections. Hemmerle jewelry makes me feel what Albert Einstein said once: \”I\’m a typical loner in my daily life, my awareness of belonging to the invisible community of those who strive for truth, beauty, and justice has prevented me from a feeling of isolation\”. This is a jewelry house proven that still believes in beauty and the impact of this principle in culture and society. This is a house that believes in its art beyond just big gems set inexpensive metals. I\’m looking forward to seeing more collections and more books and just more from this remarkable house. And you?… and of course, I will add this book to my collection!!

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