“Ore Earrings” by Tasaki



Since its inception in 1954, Japanese jeweler and pearl farmer Tasaki has strived to produce quality and elegant pieces of pearl and diamond jewelry. Tasaki is Japan’s only house to own its pearl farm, this is why Tasaki can produce pristine, beautiful pearls, ethically and sustainably.

Tasaki has worked to modernize its pieces and widen its audience. After collaborating with Melanie Georgiacopoulos, in 2017, Tasaki announced that fashion designer Prabal Gurung would become the brand’s new global creative director giving the brand a modern update.

While Tasaki’s main business is with pearls, they also sell fine quality diamond jewelry. As a sight holder with De Beers, they work with top-quality diamonds only. In another collaboration, this one with the premier Ritz Paris Hotel, Tasaki was able to highlight their diamond jewelry. Dentelle Diamonds works to resemble the traditional lace and embroideries that have been used to decorate the Ritz for decades. The necklace and earrings in this collection are finely crafted with such high detail, that it truly looks like lace.
Tasaki has proven over the years, that while they are a traditional pearl and diamond fine jewelry house, they are not afraid to break from that tradition. Their collaborations have allowed them to showcase a varied and unique set of collections, while always using their quality materials.


The Ore earrings by Japanese jeweler and pearl farmer Tasaki are made with yellow gold, Akoya, and white South Sea Pearls, diamonds, citrine, opal, and blue topaz; is a piece that aspires to reflect the inhospitable forces of a mineral-rich lake of volcanic explosions and their galvanic movement in the caldera of a volcano; is a way to remind us that nature terrible forces are constructive and beautiful at the same time.


These asymmetric earrings are set with opal, citrine, Akoya pearl, and diamond on one side while the other side features a magnificent square blue topaz. This earrings design accomplishes Tasaki\’s mission to bring avant-garde aesthetics to the arena of high jewelry, looking at the same time to unusual sources of inspiration.

Is never easy to create new designs that truly challenge the boundaries. The properties of the natural materials Tasaki works with, comfort when incorporated into a piece of jewelry, durability, and more than anything, the craftsmanship required to create something that is truly beautiful when worn demands boundless knowledge and experience. TASAKI will be always after the purity of form in their craftsmen armed with the skill and knowledge to satisfy the conditions of durability and beauty.

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