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“Monet inspired ring” by llgiz Fazulzyanov

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llgiz Fazulzyanov was born in 1968 in Zelenodolsk, Republic of Tatarstan. In 1990, after finishing art school and having graduated as a designer, he founded a workshop of stained glass and silk painting in Kazan. In 1992 he opened his first jewellery workshop, the main task of which focused on the revival of national traditions of the Volga Tatars. Since 2012, the company Ilgiz F. is present in Paris, Geneva, Tokyo and New York. In a typical Ilgiz fashion, collections vary between cities and countries, never repeating themselves. However, the artist’s style and M.O. remain unchanged.


lgiz Fazulzyanov as a former painter gives that sense of plastic art in a jewel. How? because he is obsessed with colors and light reflection, uses elements that belong to the art of painting such as shape, line, tones, and textures unique ways to produce a piece of jewelry art that convey sensations of movement, volume, space, and light. “I find in fire enamel a way to recreate colors, reliefs, and most of all, express my creativity where there do not seem to be any boundaries.” lgiz Fazulzyanov.


Ilgiz Fazulzyanov was born in 1968 in Zelenodolsk, Republic of Tatarstan. In 1990, after finishing art school and having graduated as a designer, he founded a workshop of traditional arts in stained glass, silk painting, and canvas painting in Kazan. In 1992 he opened his first jewelry workshop, he had found another path: fine jewelry, and since 1997 specifically the work with enamel. The word “enamel” comes from the old German word “smelzan” meaning “to melt.” Jewelers have been engaged with the art of enameling since the 13 century or even earlier. When painted and fired onto gold, the result is a lively medley of colors that give life to the jewelry. The melting temperature of gold is 900 degrees, but for enamel, it’s 950; the enamel and gold merge at this temperature. If it’s over-baked by a fraction of a second, the enamel will crack. Having a so special skill and timing in this art, it’s no wonder he’s the first living designer to have a solo exhibit at the Kremlin since Fabergé. Nature is the source of the dreams that he brings to life. Like the poppy flowers, irises, burs, and milfoils, the bullfinch bird, among others. Ilgiz F, creates not the nature that we see, he creates the nature that we feel, and he instinctively with his wisdom, will interpret it as a simple – intricate jewel; leading us to the wonder that we feel inside us, he creates for us be able to see the color of the soul.


“Safari Tourmaline Necklace” by Jewel of Africa

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