“Ivy Champagne Ring” by Selini 


Ivy Champagne Ring classic diamond duo from The Ivy Collection by Selini Jewellery.
Rose Gold.
Silky enamel.
© Selini.



Selini is the work of Robin Girling a designer and craftsman of fine jewelry, specializing in the creation of complicated one-off pieces. His workshop is situated in rural Lancashire, where every piece is designed and handcrafted entirely by Robin.

Robin began his professional life as a third-generation precision engineer/toolmaker where he spent his time creating intricate components for a wide range of industries.  The technical aspect of his work he very much enjoyed, however, he always aspired to practice in a more creative environment.

His path into jewelry design and manufacture began after being approached to design and create tooling to make jewelry components, he was quickly captivated by jewelry and its intricate handcrafted techniques.  The realization that with jewelry he could combine technical and artistic endeavors was a pivotal moment for Robin.

Moving forward to the present day Robin now has an enviable reputation for creating exceptional pieces of jewelry, each one unique and in his distinctive style.  He has won numerous accolades and awards for design, craftsmanship, and technical ability and is known internationally for his specialist diamond-setting work and unique fine art jewelry.


Selini is authentically a very exclusive jewelry house from rural Lancashire where every piece is designed and handcrafted by Robin Girling whose main career as an engineer but his artistic sensibility drives him to create highly precise intricate jewelry. Thanks to the manufacturing techniques of his background, an example of his work is this beautiful ring in 18 Kt rose gold filled with beautiful white enamel and finished with diamonds from the Ivy Collection.

We are presenting this month as the Ines Arenas engagement ring for February not just for its design or for the evident level of perfection in the execution. We choose it for the beautiful meaning of the word Ivy which in Latin means header Helix, and Helix definition is an old-world vine with lobed evergreen leaves and black berrylike fruits.

Something that can hold the meaning \”Evergreen\” transmits peace, amplitude, kindness, and life. All these components create the right emotions for something that can never grow old: Love!


Understanding that the piece from Selini that you are wearing is redefined for one individual to be produced, that it\’s necessary to master all the techniques, and that working entirely alone to be able to produce a piece of art of this level is a unique concept in the jewelry industry.

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