“Fan Earrings from the Alhambra Collection” by Yanes 



Since 1881, the Yanes firm, committed to the art of jewelry, has enjoyed designing and creating unique jewelry that preserves the style, personality, and quality inherited from its founder Claudio Yanes.

Today, the fifth generation, contributing everything that contemporary society demands, maintains the spirit of its predecessors and the philosophy of the brand, highlighting the legacy and message of the family saga.


The slogan of the house is \”The Commitment to sign a jewel requires that time does not pass through it\” (El compromiso de firmar una joya obliga a que el tiempo no pase por ella).

This is a piece that will pass to the next generation as part of the cultural heirloom of any family.


In Granada (Spain), when Spain was part of the Muslim empire, the Nazari dynasty built a unique city in the world \”The Alhambra\”. Poets like Ibn al-Yayyab, Ibn al-Jatib describe it as \”a pearl mounted on emeralds\”. For me, the design of this construction has a single objective, to convey an MSN: To thank Harmony and Beauty. In 1492 Sultan Boabdil (Muhammed V), the last Sultan of Granada loses the war against the Catholic Monarchs (Ferdinand and Isabella) and delivers The Alhambra, an act that also ends 8 centuries of the Al-Andalus kingdom. When Boabdil leaves Granada, tells the story that he turns to see The Alhambra for the last time and begins to cry, at that moment Sultana Aixa her mother says to him the famous phrase: \”Cry as a woman what you couldn\’t defend as a man\”. It\’s not surprising that the @joyeriayanes, a jewelers family with a tradition in Madrid has found in the history and architecture of this palace a source of infinite inspiration. In their creations, it\’s palpable that in the collection \”The Alhambra\” they didn\’t want to copy their mosaics, their marquetry, or take a walk through the gardens of the palace and do something nice. Not! The @joyeriayanes family seeks the objective of the sultans and seeks to convey the same MSN: To thank the Harmony and The Beauty. They sought to understand and defend Boabdil. The @joyeriayanes in the creations thank the Sultan as us and the future generations to have defended The Alhambra with the heart and not with the war. Having seen the creations of the @joyeriayanes, their sensitivity, and obsession with the details of this collection, I think they succeeded!

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