“Diamond Claw” by  YEPREM



18 kt Gold
© Yeprem.


YEPREM is an international brand founded in Beirut, Lebanon 1964 by Yeprem Chakardeniam. After 50 years the second generation: John, Loutfic, and Virna Chakardemian, have designed pieces “that reveal every curve of the body as a work of art; each piece is made with moving style and dexterity so that the creation is comfortable and pliable”.

Yeprem was founded in Beirut in 1964 by Yeprem Chakardemian. Starting as a family business, Yeprem’s daughter Virna and his two sons John and Loutfic took over the brand.
Always intrigued by their father’s passion for the jewelry industry, they were quick to pick up and delve into jewelry design at a young age. Since then they have been creating inspiring pieces that are fluid in shapes and push the possibilities of what can be achieved through design.
The brand is influenced by the different shapes and forms that surround us in the natural world. One of Yeprem’s signature compositional inclusions is the use of marquise cut diamonds. With this cut, they are paying homage to the traditional aesthetic of jewelry while conveying their contemporary perspective through setting and design.


My favorite pieces: The creations for the hands. Why? Because The Hand is the most frequently symbolized part of the human body. It gives blessings, it is expressive, and according to Aristotle: \”The hand is the \”tool of tools.\” Yeprem for me has developed a special sensibility for the back of the hand, a beautiful curve of the body that we take for granted, being our hands the perfect tool for touching what we just can perceive with the other senses. It\’s A curve that we forget to explore, except by Yeprem. In the hands rest the feeling of tact, we can touch, what we see, hear and smell. When I see the Yeprem designs for the hands, I feel a call to enjoy the physical sensations around us, and take a while to indulge the senses, to enjoy the world near to us, to make us feel comfortable in our skin, and in our second skin: our jewelry. Their jewelry projects sensuality because is a call to pursue happiness by doing the things that you love, being around the people who make you feel good, and working on improving anything you\’d like to improve, to take the time to slow down, touch, encourage you, to be PRESENT! My favorite creations from the YEPREM house, are the creations for the hands.


Not too many pieces or designs in the jewelry world can be presented as a genuine extension of the human body as a design, which makes the hands pieces of Yeprem Haute Joaillerie particularly special.

The collection that fits like a glove made of diamonds for the hands is one of the few clear representations where the essence of nature and the skills of man intersect singularly to create something beautiful and admirable, not too many sculptures made of diamonds for the human body exists in this world.

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