“Curved Milky Way” Cuff by Barbara Heinrich


Milky Way Cuff.
18k yellow gold cuff.
0.18cttw White diamonds.
Luxuriously textured with polished rims.
20.5mm wide.
Inner diameter measures 2 1/2″ x 2″.
Handcrafted in Rochester, NY, U.S.
© Barbara Heinrich



Barbara studied jewelry and hollowware design in Germany after completing a formal goldsmith apprenticeship. When she finished her degree at Pforzheim College of Design in 1983, she received a Rotary scholarship. This allowed Barbara to study in the U.S., where she completed her Masters of Fine Art at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Soon after, she opened the Barbara Heinrich Studio, which has been a successful business for 35 years.

Currently, Barbara is an active member of numerous professional jewelry organizations and is considered a leader in the art jewelry world. She is the recipient of various national and international awards, including the 2009 Couture: Best of Gold, the 2011 MJSA Vision Award for 1st Place in Gold Distinction, the 2011-2012 Fashion Award, and the Luster Award from the International Pearl Design Competition given by the Cultured Pearl Association of America. Her work has been featured in a wide array of recognized international books and publications, most recently Women Jewellery Designers by Juliet de la Rochefoucauld, 2017.


Through handmade pieces of jewelry, Barbara has transformed her ideas into inspirited art through precious stones which combine with the soft nature of brushed gold to form the foundation for her new designs. For her picking, the right stone creates a dialogue between the wearer and the piece. The wearer understands that the gemstones and gold are treasures from the earth, providing strength and a connection to our spirit creating a distinctive union between classic and contemporary design sensitivity.

Barbara\’s contemporary jewelry vision installs classical elements and proportions. This is only possible when solid and clean fabrication methods with a strong sense of design, strive for a delicate balance of color, and form.


Barbara Heinrich explains that for her the process to create jewelry is \”like an inborn momentum\”, which I do not take credit for, for it has been with me as long as I can remember\”.

A remarkable sentence because this amazing jewelry designer in other words is saying that the jewelry talent in her doesn\’t belong to her, belongs to anybody who has the curiosity to discover what \”new body of work\” she can create in an empty space in myself at all times, undisturbed by distractions or business and uncluttered by preconceived images or aesthetic judgments. She says: \”I prepare myself by keeping a sketchbook at hand, my way of catching the ideas and images before they flee back into the realm of the invisible and uncreated\”.

…and we read this we can just think this how the best sculptors in the world most work.

Source: Quadrum Gallery.

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