“Chatila Emerald Necklace” by Chatila 



George Chatila first opened his doors in Beirut in 1860, quickly establishing his reputation as a discerning jeweler. One and a half-century later it is still the Chatila family, now in the third and fourth generations own the business and continue in the founder’s footsteps.

The House of Chatila pioneered colored diamonds, which have since become established as the most prized of gems. One of a mere handful of the world’s known red diamonds, “The Flame of Argyle” has recently been sold at Chatila. All members of the family take part in the process of selection and valuation of unique and rare gemstones. The 57-carat “Rangoon Splendour” ruby, the legendary Hapsburg “Archduke Joseph” 76-carat D flawless cushion-shape diamond, and the “Indore Pears” at approximately 45 carats each, are some of the historic gems to have passed through their hands.


Chatila\’s design signature is tradition, discretion, and sensible advice and responsible at the time to sell for jewelry collectors have made them prosper for a century and a half.

Their pieces are for the client seeking an item of rare magnificence, is the case of this Emerald Necklace made of the purest emeralds with dazzling white diamonds set in masterfully crafted designs of great beauty and delicacy. Chatila\’s designs are the meaning of Feminism is jewelry, a sophisticated fusion of the traditional and the contemporary sensibility.


…established in Lebanon more than a century and a half ago, their creations are so beautiful, that can not be measured by a specific time, are always valid, true, and can not be affected by changes in society or fashion, that is the still family-owned jewelry firm \”Chatila\”. The family owns and runs the process of selection and valuation of unique or rare gemstones, until the design and display of the creation. @chatilajewels is best known for its ownership of some of the world\’s finest colored gemstones and is a point of reference for the discerning client who seeks a rare item of nonpareil magnificence. A creation of Chatila is a gratification for their owners and a genuine inheritance for successive generations. Their designs are so beautiful in the quality of the craftsmanship and the nobility of the materials, that I can not say that they are original, they are beyond that, at the end, the great teachings and techniques are the same. @chatilajewels have an aura where they know that in jewelry is not enough talk about material and designs is necesary yearn for the soul, like any other art, and that is Timeless.

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