“Bocca di Squalo – Shark Mouth” Bracelet by Damiani 


Shark mouth.
In platinum and yellow gold,
Illuminated by a pave of white diamonds and jonquille of absolute purity for a total of 41.19 carats.
Original bite closure that aggressively bites into the arm.
© Damiani.



The history of Damiani jewelry is that of an Italian family strongly tied to tradition and passion for goldsmith art. The family has designed and produced precious and unique jewelry for three generations. The Damiani family generations have watched jewelry being created and the crafting of diamonds and precious stones, learning to love a profession and its secrets even before they started to work in the company.


Damiani’s modern and innovative style makes each of its creations unique and unmistakable. Damiani is the only company in the world to have received as many as 18 Diamonds International Awards, the World Oscars for Jewellery. These awards are added to many others including two Tahitian Pearl Trophies, a Haute Couture Design Award, a Vogue Joyas, several awards in the field of entrepreneurship and many others in communication.

They learned this from their father, who loved to say: “Nature gives us beautiful things, our job is to make them more beautiful”.


The first Diamonds International Award attributed to a @damianiofficial creation was in 1976, the award was assigned for the design of the jewel \”Bocca di Squalo – Shark Mouth\”, a bracelet in platinum and yellow gold entirely brightened by a pavè of white and jonquille diamonds, designed by Gabriella Damiani. A truly fascinating design because it dares to create and represent, something that is a mystery to us, is a design that evokes a sense of the unknown, a power beyond awareness, and even why not? A strong feeling of threatening and combative instinct. This design forces me to continually reassess my understanding of it, it is a revelation that changes continuously or maybe it reveals so little that we can always wonder more. It\’s a design with character, a design as powerful as a Woman!

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