Sunita Shekhawat Firoza’s Collection



Sunita Shekhawat’s passion and devotion to her craft combined with the use of pure and rare stones manifests in each and every creation, a priceless heirloom, passed on for generations to come. These prized possessions of excellence, have illuminated the bold traditional aesthetics and beauty that lies within every Indian woman.

The challenge and conversely the strength of the brand lies in preserving the old world and original charm, while reinventing the sensibility for contemporary time and the future. The brand believes that to be able to design for the future one must learn from and honor the past.


Design is not just an art form that she enjoy or a canvas for her creativity, it goes beyond that, to become the medium for my storytelling.
The ‘FIROZA’ collection is create with Turquoise is a new and an innovative colour for Meenakari jewelry. The unique aspect to this collection is the two styles of drawings on either sides of the jewelry, traditional and modern.

Sunita Shekhawat jewelry designs are Crafted for Eternity


Sunita Shekhawat is a jeweler designer that recreates a unique journey that is the soul of the cultural heritage of Jaipuri \’meenakari\’. Her first step was to take a fresh approach to the traditional art of \’Kundan Meena, or enameling, on 22ct gold; her inspirations come from elements like the Rajasthan, colors from nature, and a refined minimalistic aesthetic. Each piece takes over a month to make and might involve some 45 different craftsmen and processes, passing through sculpted, painted, and engraved, being genuine pieces of art that holds devotion and attention. Every design expresses the legacy and fine craftsmanship of a modern \’meenakari\’, only highly skilled artisans can take this quest with Sunita, a true journey of passion and skill. A world that represents, nature and beauty. The insignia is a promise of perfection, beauty, and love to this art symbolized by the two parrots in harmony.

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