Seaman Schepps

Seaman Schepps was the son of immigrants, grew up in New York’s Lower East Side, and was famous for his clunky retro and 1950s jewelry. He traveled from New York to California at the turn of the century as a part of a deceptive get-rich-quick scheme. He arrived in Los Angeles and opened a store […]

“Classic Wood Link Bracelet” by  Seaman Schepps

DESIGN OVERVIEW Bracelet 2008 “The Golden Fleece” 18K gold, 22K gold, 950 platinum 90 mm ext. diam. x 50 mm 1,241,856 single wires (total: 28 km of wire) 4,000 platinum granules 1,259 hours of labour © Giovanni Corvaja 2012. JEWELRY DESIGNER An immigrant’s son, who grew up in the tenements of New York’s Lower East […]