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“Machina Necklace” by Bracelet Gabriela Mora

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Bracelet 2008 “The Golden Fleece”
Bronce plated in gold.
© Gabriela Mora 2016.


Gabriela Mora is a Spanish line of contemporary jewelry and luxury accessories. Its creative director, is a Venezuelan architect from the Universidad Central de Venezuela, who later moved to Spain, where she combined her training with Interior Design at the Universidad de Salamanca, and then with proper studios in Artistic Jewelry at the Escuela de Arte 3 de Madrid. Therefore, architect and jewelry, gives her pieces a pure and abstract character.Each design comes from a creative process through which the idea is to develop and transform the jewelry in small works of architecture.Gabriela Mora’s designs, are manufactured and handmade it according with traditional processes of jewelry, taking care to detail the finish of each and every one of her pieces. A wide range of shapes, locations and materials makes to Gabriela Mora a brand of contemporary jewelry where art, design, and beauty of simplicity are combined.


This particular piece speaks specifically to “Constructivism” an artistic and architectural movement that emerged in Russia in 1914. The canonical work of constructivism was the proposal of Vladimir Tatlin for the Monument to the Third International (1919) that combined a machine aesthetic with dynamic components that celebrated technology, like the reflectors and the projection screens. Gabo Diem publicly criticized Tatlin’s design saying “Or functional houses and bridges or pure art are created by art, but not both”. And who says what is and what is not art?

This piece without any doubt will give a strong point of view when is mixed industrial art and architectural jewelry is a metal spirit that can suits sensuality and violence in a perfect balance.


This collection as a good collection is the opposite to prolific. Gabriela Mora a Spanish designer with a degree in architecture, stoped in this thought, for create this very forward and beautiful jewels, (12 in total) of her brand. Is showing to history that “Art Can Be Everywhere”, in a house, in a bridge, in a painting or in a jewel. She plays with the most important elements of this utilitarian movement of Russia, volumen, geometry and abstraction. She had use the pieces of gear and construction to represent this stage of Russian history, the assembly of a new society, a new way of thinking and approach to art. I must say that my favorite part of a jewelry artist is see her view, her inspiration, and how? in an incredible way trough creativity, give life to an idea that we can wear, and extol us. Art is everywhere, in how we live, in what we decide to believe and think, is inside us, even in a jewel as Gabriela Mora has prove in the world of Jewelry Art.

Gabriela Mora artistic performance in this collection of 12 pieces is an outsider thinker in the world of Jewelry.

Art has the price that we will tag on it? How much it cost a Necklace that is the clear representation of the art movement born in Russia in 1944 “Constructivism”?


“Safari Tourmaline Necklace” by Jewel of Africa

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