“Diamond in Tagua Halo Necklace” by Moritz Glik



Diamond in Tagua Halo Necklace
4.33ct of Diamonds
18-karat Gold
Hand-carved Tagua Nut
Shaker Size: 15mm
Pendant Size: 34 x 33 mm
Chain Length: Double 30\”  (adjustable to 28\”)
Ethically Mined Diamonds (4.33ct) set in and enclosed in a White Sapphire Kaleidoscope Shaker in 18 karat Up-Cycled Yellow Gold and Tagua Nut
Made in New York City
© Moritz Glik.


Moritz Glik started on his creative path at a very young age back in his native Belo Horizonte, Brazil, where his entrepreneurial vein emerged years before earning his bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Advertising. His passion for fashion and handcrafting first manifested in shoe design. Despite the success of his footwear factory, the provincial environment of his hometown pushed him to seek out his own identity elsewhere. In 1991, Moritz arrived in New York and immediately discovered his true love for the mesmerizing effect of gemstones and precious metals.

Deeply inspired by classical architecture and fine art, New York-based jewelry designer Moritz Glik blends traditional technique with a playful, avant-garde sensibility. His work is comprised of handcrafted one-of-a-kind pieces, each bearing the imprint of Glik’s energetic pursuit of creative singularity. With every new collection Moritz intensifies his desire to innovate, creating pieces that are fresh yet timeless.

Glik Moritz\’s signature design, the Kaleidoscope Shaker, is well known for its lively treatment of gemstones: white sapphire windowpanes house endless shimmering fragments of preciousness. Each piece stands alone as an object of beauty and comes to life as the wearer’s movements encourage the stones’ dance.

At the same time Glik Moritz has traveled the world to produce and show his work, honing his expertise as a master bench jeweler and refreshing his views on aesthetics and beauty. Glik’s sharp lines and refined details bring balance to designs that can be worn day or night, even on the red carpet, with the same elegance and exclusivity.


We could be agreed in saying that reason constructs life over the pieces of our experiences, giving this piece a suggestive meaning by itself; this is why I believe the designs can be worn day or night, even at a formal event such as the red carpet, with the same elegance and exclusivity.

Who can measure the dimensions of a good or bad experience? Just us the ones who can pick up the shattered pieces, and from there rebuild better selves.

This is what Moritz Glik project in each piece of jewelry, the pieces of our personal and intimate story that can just be told by us the characters of our destiny, and the jewelry that we use or acquired to tell that story.


Moritz Glik’s talents have also been recognized within the industry. He is a two-time winner of The Couture Show’s Best Diamond Piece Award (2009 and 2010).

In 2016, Glik received InStyle magazine’s Inaugural InDesign Award for Diamond Designs.

And for sure we will see more acknowledgments to his art.


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